What are web developer bootcamp classes

Self-paced web development and the right mindset

Before I go into my chapter with neue fische, I would like to tell a little bit about my life as a self-trained developer. As far as I know, they all have the same experiences worldwide. This is of course also due to the fact that they have identical questions and problems around the world.

· Which technologies do I use as a web developer?

· Which resources do developers use?

· How must what, when and where be done?

Can you teach yourself web development?

The blog articles about self-study to become a web developer all have the same stories and conjunctives. Would have I knew this and that rather then would have I achieved a lot more in less time. In addition, not everyone is made for self-study. We humans are just different. I really wanted to become a developer and gave up my repair shop. I spent twelve hours a day with Coden for the past few months. You only really learn it when you put your own projects into practice. Thousands of sources from the net are available, for example to program the first small apps, such as to-do lists or dice games.

Every developer needs the right mindset.

Without the right mindset, it becomes difficult to be a developer. From my point of view, three points are relevant.

My developer mantra for dealing with setbacks

Especially at the beginning it happens again and again that you think: I do not understand this and I will never understand it. That is completely normal and especially at such moments you just have to keep going. Every web developer has had to go through this at the beginning and even senior developers struggle with these problems. Because new technologies keep coming and going. Each stands for itself and yet there are umpteen overlaps. A simple example is HTML. Here you can assign classes and IDs, which you only understand when you are fit with CSS.

My developer mantra for dealing with setbacks is: Keep calm and keep going! The longed-for aha effects do not appear until much later, when one has understood the interrelationships between the individual technologies.

Focus on core technologies

Oh my god, all this technology! My message is: Core Technologies over Libraries and Frameworks. In other words: learn the basic technologies first and learn them well! In my opinion, these basic technologies will always override libraries and frameworks. One example is jQuery. This is a JavaScript library that made it easier for us to do DOM manipulation. With modern and pure Javascript - also called Vanilla JS - it is now also possible to operate DOM manipulation. So, jQuery will gradually leave the field. Anyone who masters a core technology very well will find it easy to learn the libraries and frameworks based on it.

Google is your best friend and you are the best problemsolver

Web developers don't have to know everything, but they do need to know how to google missing know-how. A good developer always has very good Google skills. That may sound silly, but it isn't. When you have a problem, you need to know what questions to ask in order to get a quick result!

Be the best problem solver!

Next time I'll share with you my basic thoughts on web development bootcamps and the approach of neue fische. See you soon.