Is Leo the best sign

The constellation Leo

Leo is a fairly large constellation consisting of very bright stars, some of which can be found in the night sky at dusk. The constellation Leo is a spring constellation - the best time to observe Central Europe is in winter and spring. This is possible from February Leo constellation in the east. The constellation Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and therefore also a star sign. From August 10th to September 16th, the sun travels through the constellation Leo. In addition to other planets, the Mont wanders through the constellation Leo once a month.
The brightest star in the constellation Leo is the so-called Alpha Leonis or Regulus, which means something like “little king” or lion heart. Other significant stars in the constellation Leo are Denebola, the lion's tail, and Algieba, the lion's mane. There are some easy-to-spot double stars in the Leo constellation. The galaxies m65 and M66 together with the spiral galaxy NGC3682 form the so-called “Leo triplet”.

The constellation Leo in mythology

The ancient Egyptians saw a lion in the asterism, later also other ancient peoples such as the Syrians, Persians, Babylonians and the Greeks. In Greek mythology, the constellation Leo represents the Nemean lion, who caused fear and terror and wreaked havoc in the villages and towns around the city of Nemea. Finally, Hercules confronted the lion and killed him by strangling him with his bare hands. According to tradition, Hercules later wore the lion's skin as a cloak.