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DVD Recommendation # 2 - Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy Films

other silent film comedians

On this page: DVDs from Kinowelt (and others) - Striking scenes - Filmography

DVDs from Kinowelt (and others)

Kinowelt initially offered two 10-DVD boxes (DVDs also available individually) and six additional six individual DVDs. The third 10-DVD box containing these 6 DVDs as well as a documentation, a "Best of" and the Hardy films Zenobia [1939] and In the Last Second [1949] came out a few years late. In 2009, some of these films were reworked, reshuffled and distributed with additional extras in three boxes called "Dick & Doof - Collection". The DVDs of these new boxes now also appear individually. I have the Citadel film book by William K. Everson lying here and once made a filmography of all films, mainly to determine which scene actually comes from which film and on which DVD it can be found. I've added the distinctive scenes to make it easier to assign scenes and films. The description of the films we have made together is now complete, and from time to time I will hand in the solo films available to me (e.g. on the MK2 DVDs). There are still a few DVDs, mostly of poor quality, with early films by Ollie (and Billy West or Billy Ruge) that I have to reconsider buying.

The numbering of the DVDs comes from me. Of course, all information without prejudice!

News: Movie descriptions: Wandering Papas
Newly recorded DVDs: DVD30: Zenobia - DVD31: Haunted Midnight

Disc 1: Two rode to Texas: Way Out West - Putting Pants on Philip
Disc 2: The Sons of the Desert: Sons Of The Desert - We Faw Down
Disc 3: In the desert: Beau Hunks - Me And My Pal - Sailors Beware - Sugar Daddies - Twice Two - Crazy Like A Fox
Disc 4: On the high seas: Saps at Sea - Sailors Beware - The Live Ghost
Disc 5: In Oxford: A Chump at Oxford - From Soup to Nuts
Disc 6: The Big Catch: Going Bye-Bye! - Them Thar Hills - Tit For Tat
Disc 7: Father Joy: Brats - Early to Bed - Helpmates
Disc 8: The Block Heads: Block-Heads - Unaccustomed As We Are
Disc 9: As Sailors: Any Old Port! - Men O'War - Towed In A Hole - Why Girls Love Sailors
Disc 10: The Greedy: County Hospital - Double Whoopee - One Good Turn - Their Purple Moment

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Disc 11: The Bohemian Forest Girl: Bohemian Girl - Slipping Wives - Bromo and Juliet
Disc 12: The torment with the boots: Be Big - Laughing Gravy
Disc 13: Panic on the ladder: Angora Love - Hog Wild - The Hoose-Gow - Two Tars - Movie Night
Note: The film "Lucky Dog" supposedly contained on this DVD 13 is hidden on DVD 23!
Disc 14: As a chimney sweep: Busy Bodies - Dirty Work - Finishing Touch - They Go Boom - Be Your Age
Disc 15: The Devil Brothers: Their First Mistake - Pack Up Your Troubles - Wrong Again
Disc 16: Revenge is Sweet: Another Fine Mess - Babes In Toyland - Duck Soup
Disc 17: Big Business: Big Business - Below Zero - The Music Box
Disc 18: Under lock and key: Pardon Us - Eve's Love Letters - The Second 100 Years
Disc 19: The Doppelgangers: Our Relations - Should Married Men Go Home?
Disc 20: Trapped: Chickens Come Home - Come Clean - Blotto - Love'em and Weep

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Disc 21: Dick and Doof make a country game: The Battle of the Century - Berth Marks - Big Business - Leave'em Laughing - Perfect Day - 45 Minutes from Hollywood - On The Loose
Disc 22: Soft pear for dessert: Liberty - Oliver The Eighth - That's my Wife - Thicker Than Water - With Love and Hisses - Fluttering Hearts - On The Wrong Trek
Disc 23: In the Foreign Legion: 45 Minutes from Hollywood - Flying Deuces - Lucky Dog (as Easteregg) - His Wooden Wedding - Is Marriage The Bunk? - Oranges and Lemons
Thanks to Friedbert for pointing out that "Lucky Dog" is hidden on this DVD.
Disc 24: Thick and Doof as Burglars: Night Owls - The Midnight Patrol - The Fixer Uppers - Habeas Corpus - The Noon Whistle - Do You Love Your Wife? - Limousine Love
DVD 25: Die Salontiroler: Swiss Miss - The Chimp - You're Darn Tootin '- Short Kilts
Disc 26: Laughter in the Night: Scram! - The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case - Our Wife - Do Detectives Think? - Bacon Grabbers - Call of the Cuckoo - Flying Elephants
Disc 27: Dick & Doof Collection 1
Disc 28: Dick & Doof Collection 2
Disc 29: Dick & Doof Collection 3
DVD 30: Zenobia: with Harry Langdon (see there) and Oliver Hardy, with three other short films: Along came Auntie - The Nickel-Hopper - Long Fliv The King
Disc 31: Haunted Midnight: Haunted Midnight - Berth Marks - The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case - Noche de duendes (Spanish version analogous to "Haunted Midnight")
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Other films Part 1: DVDs that are not available from Kinowelt. Green number: in my possession!

SDVD 1: Dick and Doof inherit an island - Atoll K: Two film versions: German (very good quality), English (mediocre)
SDVD 2: Utopia: Atoll K: English (poor quality) - Documentary "Memories" with excerpts from Hollywood Party - Pick a Star - The Tree in a test tube and "This is your life".
SDVD 3: Bogus Bandits: Fra Diavolo: only English version, no subtitles, poor quality
SDVD 4: Quel Pétard: Great Guns: soundtrack French, English + Italian, subtitles in F, E, I and Dutch
SDVD 5: TCM Archives - The Laurel and Hardy Collection (Region 1): Bonnie Scotland - Fra Diavolo. Contains, among other things, a 25-second excerpt from Wild Poses from "Our Gang" with the guest appearance by Stan and Ollie.
SDVD 6: The Laurel and Hardy Collection Volume One: Great Guns - Jitterbugs - The Big Noise
SDVD 7: The Laurel and Hardy Collection Volume Two: A-Haunting We Will Go (English, German, Italian, Polish) - The Dancing Masters (English, German, Polish) - The Bullfighters (English, Italian , Polish, no German subtitles)
SDVD 8: We are from the Scottish Infantry Regiment. Bonnie Scotland - Excerpts from Hollywood Revue of 1929 - Hollywood Party
SDVD 9: Die Sittenstrolche: Fra Diavolo - Excerpts from Pick a Star - Rogue Song
SDVD 10: Allegedly according to envelope region 1, but still works on my DVD player. The Nero info tool also spits out regions 1, 2, 3, 4 for this DVD: Air Raid Wardens: Engl. And French. Soundtrack, subtitles English, French and Spanish - Nothing But Trouble Engl. Soundtrack, subtitles English, French and Spanish

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Other films Part 2: DVDs that are not available from Kinowelt. Green number: in my possession!

SDVD 11: The miracle pill: Jitterbugs: available from 07/30/2007.
SDVD 12: The Big Noise: The Big Noise: available from 07/30/2007.
SDVD 13: The Secret Agents: A-Haunting We Will Go: available from July 30, 2007, cover here as in L&H Collection Vol.2 (SDVD 7), only with German text.
SDVD 14: Die Tanzmeister: The Dancing Masters: available from July 30, 2007, cover here as in L&H Collection Vol.2 (SDVD 7), only with German text.
SDVD 15: The Bullfighters: The Bullfighters: available from July 30, 2007, cover here as in L&H Collection Vol.2 (SDVD 7), only with German text.
SDVD 16: MK2: 16 short films by Stan Laurel: Oranges and Lemons - Roughest Africa - Frozen Hearts - The Soilers - Mother's Joy - Near Dublin - Zeb vs. Paprika - Postage Due - Short Kilts - West of Hot Dog - The Snow Hawk - Navy Blue Days - The Sleuth - Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pride - Half a Man - Yes, yes, Nanette
SDVD 17: MK2: 10 short films by Oliver Hardy, including with Larry Semon, Fay Wray and others: One too many - The Sawmill - The Show - Isn't life terrible? - Should Sailors Marry? - hop to it! - Stick around - Along came Auntie - 45 Minutes from Hollywood - Crazy to Act
SDVD 18: MK2: 58 short films by Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy: Contents are the 26 films from SDVD 16 and SDVD 17, as well as a further 29 (on the cover it said 32, and only years later I have discovered that on every DVD Another film or fragment is hidden!) Short films by Stan, which I have now bought individually on Ebay.
SDVD 18.1: Huns and Hyphens - Bears and Bad Men - Frauds and Frenzies - The Lucky Dog - The Egg - Mud and Sand - Mixed Nuts - The Weak-End Party (Fragment)
SDVD 18.2: Do You Love Your Wife? - Just Rambling Along - Hustling for Health - Under Two Jags - The Noon Whistle - White Wings - Pick and Shovel - Kill or Cure - Collars and Cuffs - Gas and Air - Short Orders - Save the Ship - A Man About Town - Scorching Sands - Chasing the chaser
SDVD 18.3: Smithy - Rupert of Hee Haw - Detained - Mandarin Mix-Up - Somewhere in Wrong - Twins - Pie-Eyed - Get Em Young - Wide Open Spaces (Fragment)
SDVD 19: Kino Slapstick Symposium Stan Laurel Vol. 1: Region-1-DVD (but probably all regions) by KINO with the content of SDVD 16.
SDVD 20: Kino Slapstick Symposium Stan Laurel Vol. 2: Region-1-DVD (but probably all regions) by KINO with 21 short films by Stan, which make up part of the 32 short films on SDVD 18: Huns and Hyphens - Just Rambling Along - Frauds and Frenzies - Do You Love Your Wife? - Hustling for Health - The Egg - Mud and Sand - The Noon Whistle - White Wings - Under Two Jags - Pick and Shovel - Kill or Cure - Short Orders - A Man About Town - Smithy - Rupert of Hee Haw - Mandarin Mix-Up - Detained - Somewhere in Wrong - Pie-Eyed - Get Em Young

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Other films Part 3: DVDs that are not available from Kinowelt. Green number: in my possession!

SDVD 21: Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy: Kids. Nine short films (which ones?) With Stan and five with Oliver Hardy, as well as the feature film Flying Deuces
SDVD 22: Cinema Video: Oliver Hardy - Slapstick Symposium: Eight of the ten short films contained on SDVD 17. The missing two are "One too many" and "Isn't life terrible?", The former being included in cinemas 'Slapstick Encyclopedia' and the latter in cinemas 'Charley Chase - Slapstick Symposium Vol. 2'. The Show - Stick around - Along came Auntie - 45 Minutes from Hollywood - Crazy to Act - The Sawmill - Should Sailors Marry? - hop to it!
SDVD 23: Her Majesty's personal chefs - tone D, E from September 12, 2008
SDVD 24: Terror of all spies - tone D, E from September 12, 2008
SDVD 25: Hollywood Party - Sound D, E from September 12, 2008
SDVD 26: The Definitive Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy Collection: Contains the 16 and 10 short films from SDVD 16 and SDVD 17
SDVD 27: American Slapstick: Contains a.o. Cupid's Rival (Billy West and Oliver Hardy) - Golf (Larry Semon and Oliver Hardy) - Smithy (Stan Laurel).
SDVD 28: American Slapstick Vol. 2: Contains i.a. Kid Speed ​​(Larry Semon and Oliver Hardy) - The Hobo (Billy West and Oliver Hardy)
SDVD 29: KinoVideo Slapstick Symposium Charley Chase Vol.1: Contains, among others, Long Fliv the King (Charley Chase and Oliver Hardy), for more see Charley Chase DVDs.
SDVD 30: Slapstick Encyclopedia (Region 1, 5DVDs): Contains ao Fluttering Hearts (Charley Chase and Oliver Hardy) - He's In Again (Billy West, Charley Chase and Oliver Hardy) - One too many (Oliver Hardy) - Oranges And Lemons ( Stan Laurel)

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Other films Part 4: DVDs that are not available from Kinowelt. Green number: in my possession!

SDVD 31: Klamottenkiste (5DVDs). The films run with 'funny' comments and may have been cut or put together from several films. I tried to find out the original titles based on the cast and plot. Claudia Sassen's filmography was helpful. With Oliver Hardy (and Larry Semon): Larry in the fashion studio (The Gown Shop) - Larry the Millionaire Heir (Dunces and Dangers + Her Boy Friend) - Larry the Bankrupt Vulture (The Rent Collector)
SDVD 43: The Laurel or Hardy Collection (5DVDs, All regions according to Nero Info Tool): Solo films by Stan and Ollie and James Finlayson from catastrophic to OK quality with some films that are probably only represented here on DVD (marked with *, without Guarantee). The films have a watermark in the lower right corner and are trimmed tighter in my opinion. The films from MK2 or on American Slapstick are of a significantly better quality, that is to say, you only buy this cheap DVD box because of the * films (The quality of Chasing the Chaser is quite ok (I've now discovered that Chasing the Chaser included as Easter Egg on SDVD 18.2) at Wandering Papas and The Rogue rather poor and at Thundering Fleas bad).
SDVD 43.1: The Hobo - Just Rambling Along - The Rogue (*) - Frauds and Frenzies - Mixed Nuts - Married to order - White Wings
SDVD 43.2: The Bakery - Golf - The Sawmill - The Kid Speed ​​- Her Boy Friend - The Bell Hop
SDVD 43.3: Mud and Sand - Smithy - Pick and Shovel - The Soilers - West of Hot Dog - Kill or Cure
SDVD 43.4: Hop to it! - Stick around - Crazy Like A Fox - Long Fliv The King (see also Charley Chase DVD 1) - Should Sailors Marry? - Isn't life terrible?
SDVD 43.5: The Sleuth - Thundering Fleas (*) - Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pride - Chasing The Chaser (Stan Laurel with James Finlayson) - Wandering Papas (*) (Stan Laurel with Clyde Cook and Ollie) - Crazy to Act - 45 Minutes from Hollywood
SDVD 64: Laurel and Hardy and Friends: Be Big - Our Gang Follies of 1938 - School's out (Our Gang) - Bear Shooters (Our Gang) - The Stolen Jools - Whispering Whoopee (Charley Chase)

Among other things, it remains:
Hats Off (1927): lost!
Supporting role in Rogue Song (1930), the film lost as a whole.

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Striking scenes


Stan's (and Ollie's) special skills
  1. Knees, noses, ears: Fra Diavolo - Babes in Toyland
  2. Wave of fingers: Fra Diavolo - Babes in Toyland
  3. Pee-wee game: Babes in Toyland
  4. Stan and Ollie can light their thumbs: Way out West
  5. Stan can remove his index finger: Bohemian girl
  6. Stan can pull down shade blinds: block heads
  7. Singing in a low or high voice: Bohemian Girl - Way out West - Swiss Miss
  8. Stan drinks tons of wine: Fra Diavolo - Bohemian Girl
  9. Stan drinks tons of water: Below Zero
  10. Stan smokes tobacco in the cupped hand: block heads
  11. Stan has an elastic ear: Bohemian Girl
  12. Ollie has an elastic neck: Way Out West
  13. Stan only has one leg left: block heads
  14. Stan and Ollie are compressed or stretched: Bohemian Girl
  15. Stan carries a very long plank at both ends: Finishing Touch - The Noon Whistle - Great Guns
  16. Pressure on Stan's larynx makes his tongue pop out: Scram - We Faw Down
  17. Pressure on Stan's nose makes the eyebrow twitch: We Faw Down
  18. Stan can wiggle his ears: Any Old Port! - Blotto - A Chump at Oxford - A-Haunting we will go.
  19. Heads turned backwards: The Live Ghost
  20. Legs tied behind the head: Going bye-bye!
  21. Stan's tooth makes strange noises: Pardon Us
  22. Gestures and voices swapped: Thicker than Water
  23. Ollie's head as a gargoyle: Early to Bed
  24. Ollie as a horse with bowler and schnauzer: Flying Deuces
  25. Stan plays tuba: Swiss Miss
  26. Stan and Ollie play clarinet and horn: You're darn tooting
  27. Stan plays the trumpet: Saps at Sea
  28. Stan plays the harmonium, Ollie plays the double bass: Below Zero
  29. Stan and Ollie make music with soap bubbles: Swiss Miss
  30. Stan plays the toy trumpet and harmonica, Stan and Ollie play a mini harmonica: Pick a Star
  31. Ollie plays (multi) trumpet, saxophone and clarinet, Stan plays drums, among other things: Jitterbugs
  32. Stan plays the accordion: Big Noise
Mass battles
  1. with cakes: Battle of the Century
  2. on a boat: Men O'War
  3. with mud on the golf course: Should Married Men Go Home
  4. with rice: Hoose Gow
  5. Clothes are torn: Berth Marks
  6. Stepping on your feet: You're Darn Tootin '
  7. Pulling Pants Down: You're Darn Tootin '
Double roles
  1. as twins: Our Relations - Twins (Stan)
  2. as married couples: Twice Two
  3. as fathers and sons: Brats
Fits of laughter
  1. Leave 'Em Laughing
  2. Blotto
  3. Scram! - Laughter in the night
  4. Fra Diavolo
Other familiar scenes
  1. Stan and Ollie sway cemented in hemispheres over the harbor basin: Our Relations
  2. Stan and Ollie are balancing on tall scaffolding: Liberty
  3. Stan puts paint on the other side of a lady: The Second 100 Years
  4. Goodbye !: Perfect Day
  5. Stan disappears into the bathtub drain: Come Clean
  6. Steak à la Oliver: Nothing But Trouble - His Majesty's personal chefs
  7. Grilled fish on the bed base: Bonnie Scotland - We're from the Scottish Infantry Regiment
  8. Stan signs with an X (I have to double-check): Somewhere in Wrong - Any old Port - Double Whoopee - Bullfighters - Air Raid Wardens - opening credits by Fra Diavolo

Filmography (order as in Everson's film book)


[1921] - [1926] - [1927] - [1928] - [1929] - [1930] - [1931] - [1932] - [1933] - [1934] - [1935] - [1936] - [1937] - [1938] - [1939] - [1940] - [>=1941]
Solo films by Stan - Solo films by Ollie - Films with Charley Chase on Cinema World DVDs
  1. A Lucky Dog (1921)IMDBDVD 23SDVD 18.1 Time axis
    Stan is thrown upright on the street by his landlady because of the outstanding rent payments, where he, and only he, imagines dancing maids and kisses one of them. Coming to his senses again, he recognizes the street dog that he is hugging violently and packs him in his small suitcase. Just missed by two trams, a limousine finally catches the inattentive Stan, who then briefly flirts with the lady in the car, initially unsuccessfully because the companion does not want it.

    Stan chases after his suitcase, which has become independent thanks to the dog. Thief Ollie is in the middle of a street robbery and inadvertently stuffs the requested money into the pockets of Stan, who is right behind him. Now it's the turn of Stan as the victim. After completing Ollie's request to turn around with two complete pirouettes, Stan wonders about the money Ollie pulls out of his pockets. Ollie is briefly distracted, Stan grabs the money and escapes through a narrow gap in the fence. After Ollie was dismissed with the help of a police officer, Stan tries in vain to get the dog to wait for him outside a restaurant. A garbage can is chosen as a suitable location for the dog, but the presence of a police officer makes Stan rethink again. At least Stan has found a leash, and the dog immediately befriends a poodle lady who belongs to the couple from the limousine. After the man has lost the rope tug of war against Stan, Stan can intensify the contacts with the lady again.

    Stan wants to enter a competition with his dog, but his mutt is not considered thoroughbred, and Stan and his dog are thrown out again. Stan flirts with the lady again and drives the limousine away under the eyes of the rival after a policeman has made Stan aware of the proximity of the vehicle to the hydrant. Ollie on the other hand breaks off a spontaneous attack on the rival just as spontaneously as he notices the police officer. Meanwhile, Stan and his new girlfriend have arrived at the lady's house, and Stan befriends his beloved's father. The rival has now allied himself with crook Ollie, now dressed more elegantly, and introduces him to his father as Count de Cheese from Switzerland. When Stan is alone in the room with Ollie, he's rid of his money. Ollie is supposed to kill Stan to clear the way for the rival, but the gun fails, while Stan covers his ears to be on the safe side because of the expected bang. Stan helps to get the jammed pistol working again, and a shot hits the rival in the rear. Another shot is reserved for Ollie's buttocks.

    Ollie is supposed to kidnap the girl, while the rival plans to kill Stan with a stick of dynamite. Stan's good dog, however, runs after the man with the pole in its mouth. The fact that Stan is physically inferior to Ollie can be seen in a shot in which Ollie hurls poor Stan around like a doll. Ollie and the rival flee in vain from the dog, who lays the stick of dynamite right next to the bush behind which the two are hiding. Stan has won and is calmly devoting himself to his flame.

    The first film with Stan and Ollie, but more of a coincidence. Should be 13 on the DVD, but it is not. Lucky Dog, on the other hand, is hidden under the dog on DVD 23.
  2. 45 minutes from Hollywood - This Lady is a Guy (1926) IMDBDVD 21DVD 23SDVD 17SDVD 43.5 Timeline
    A real bank robbery is taking place on the Hollywood compound, carried out by a man in women's clothes. Ollie plays the hotel detective as a major supporting role and Stan a guest as a minor supporting role. There is some turmoil in the pursuit of the culprit. This is not your typical Laurel and Hardy movie.

    The version on DVD 23 is almost 2 minutes longer than on DVD 21 because it also contains the scene with Stan.

  3. Duck Soup (1927) IMDBDVD 16 time axis
    Duck Soup anticipates Another fine mess from 1930: Because of forest fires, the fire brigade is looking for "volunteers" among the vagabonds to fight fires, and since Stan and Ollie belong to the target group, they prefer the rapid escape by bike. You land on the estate of Colonel Blood, who has left his villa for a few months to indulge in big game hunting. In the meantime, the villa is to be rented out, and Stan and Ollie play host Blood and maid Agnes for a prospective couple. The actual landlord returns early ...
  4. Slipping wives (1927) IMDBDVD 11 time axis
    Ollie works as a butler for a lady who feels neglected by her husband, a painter. The house friend suggests the errand boy Stan, who spreads the supplied paint over Ollie as an introduction, as suitable to make the artist jealous. Stan is spruced up in the bathroom by Ollie and appears as a famous writer. Starting with a pantomime of his version of Samson and Delilah, Stan behaves quite awkwardly, especially since he thinks the house friend is the spouse. When the house friend gives Stan some alcohol, Stan becomes more courageous, and later some car chases develop across the mansion.
  5. Love 'Em and Weep (1927) IMDBDVD 20 time axis
    "Love 'Em and Weep" has the same plot as the later filmed Chickens Come Home (1931). Here James Finlayson plays the respected and above all married businessman Titus Tillsbury, who practices a speech in the presence of his secretary Stan. The ex-Mae Busch rushes into his office room and threatens to hand over an old photo from his "Sturm und Drang" days to the press unless James Finlayson can be persuaded to make an appropriate donation. James Finlayson agrees and agrees to settle the matter in the "Pink Pup" that evening. The old flame can be hidden from the suddenly appearing wife in the bathroom just in time. The wife invited Judge Chigger (Ollie) to dinner, and of course James Finlayson should not be missing. Stan gets the job to calm down the blackmailer that evening. The dialogue "Do you mind if I smoke? - You can burn yourself if I do!" was already known in 1927. Stan manages to steal the photo, but a gossip aunt (Gale Henry, who also plays the polka dancer in Mighty Like A Moose with Charley Chase) from Stan's neighborhood sees him and the blackmailer on the way to the "Pink Pup" and hangs out turn to the two of them. Since Finlayson does not show up in the bar, Mae Busch is furious on the way, meanwhile the gossip aunt immediately passes on what she has seen to Stan's wife, who thought her husband was at work.

    The showdown now takes place in Finlayson's apartment. The photo falls on the floor and is displayed for everyone to see (but nobody is looking yet!). Mae Busch, who was introduced as Stan's wife, passes out after a misguided shot. The blackmailer is brought out of the danger zone as the unconscious top part of a two-story work of art with Finlayson as an invisible foundation, but here the alarmed wife Stans is already waiting.
  6. Why Girls Love Sailors (1927) IMDBDVD 9 time axis
    The sea snail fisherman Stan is madly in love and shows his fiancée Nelly (Viola Richard) silly jokes. An ex, a rough-legged captain of a fishing boat, returns and is not convinced of the choice of his former flame, starts an argument with Stan and drags the girl onto his boat. Stan has to go after to save his fiancée. He gains access to the cabin with a performance as a headless person. Meanwhile, mate Ollie is messing with the captain. Stan uses theatrical props standing around, transforms himself into a lady and gradually turns off the team, with the help of Ollie's indirect help. Ollie tries to flirt with Stan, but Stan has more urgent things to do and tries to charm the captain as well. Now his wife comes on the scene, who surprises the two and reads the riot act to her husband. Stan and Nelly can escape.
  7. With love and hisses (1927) IMDBDVD 22 time axis
    Sergeant Ollie is Stan's superior in the military and James Finlayson is the captain. There is a trip together on the train. After the captain tripped over a box and Ollie also flirted with the captain's girlfriends, Ellie's shares fell. In the meantime, Stan makes himself comfortable in the captain's compartment, but is quickly replaced by Ollie, who again makes the captain uncomfortable. Stan throws the tomato sandwich offered by a garlic-loving comrade through the window. When they arrive at the camp, Ollie takes his crew, including Stan, on a strenuous walk. During a refreshing swim in the pond, the clothing of the department dissolves into nothing with Ollie's cigarette. Unfortunately, Ollie completely forgot to inspect the major general and the crew tried to escape to the camp with the help of a billboard. A skunk and a wasp's nest don't necessarily make the task easier.
  8. Sailors Beware - The lady with the long fingers (1927) IMDBDVD 3DVD 4Time axis
    Stan ends up as a taxi driver on a ship on which a lady and a crook disguised as a toddler (Harry Earles, who also plays Hans in Tod Browning's Freaks) try to take out the cruise guests. As a subordinate of chief steward Ollie, Stan has to earn the crossing in order not to be considered a stowaway. Stan takes on the little crook. He successfully signals his accomplice in the bridge game until Stan intervenes with a mirrored tray. Stan still manages to solve a jewelry theft, Ollie pulls the short straw in a fist fight with the little one.

    On DVD 4 there is a complete version and a shortened version, on DVD 3 only the shortened version spoken by Hanns Dieter Hüsch!

  9. Do Detectives Think? - The Revenge of the Robbery Murderer (1927) IMDBDVD 26Timeline
    Judge James Finlayson has just sentenced the abundantly violent looking "Tipton Slasher" to death by hanging. The latter swears that he will manage to escape and that he will then pull the tonsils out of the judge's throat with his own hands. Some time later, while having breakfast with his wife (Viola Richard, who also plays in Limousine Love), the judge's gaze falls on the front page of the daily newspaper announcing the death row inmate's escape. The "Tipton Slasher" is already on the way to Finlayson's property. Stan and Ollie are now supposed to take on the task of guarding the judge as part of their work as detectives. Ollie chases Stan from his place on her boss's table and in turn sits down on the sticky stick. When Stan's shaky handling of the service weapon, a shot goes off that just misses the boss. In the meantime the crook has taken the clothes off the expected new butler and is let into the house by the judge's wife. Stan and Ollie are approaching the house from the direction of Whitechapel Cemetery, which is supposed to be a bit uncomfortable. When trying to take the blown hats off a grave, Stan is startled by his own shadow. It takes them some time before the hats are back on their heads. After seeing the devilish shadow of a goat on the cemetery wall, the two set new speed records.

    Ollie demonstrates his non-existent shooting skills to Judge Finlayson with a variation on the apple stunt. Everyone goes to bed, and the wrong butler now wants to take action. The face on the front page of the newspaper looks familiar to Ollie, and Stan and he have to intervene. The butler roams the house with the large kitchen knife, and Finlayson has to dive into the bathtub. Stan and Ollie overpower the crook, but Stan puts the handcuffs on Ollie. The slasher exchanges the knife for a huge sword and after the first blow pursues Stan, who is now wandering around headless. Finlayson is almost shot by his own wife, and ends up with the back of his head in a terrifying mask that even the hardened crook freezes with fear and can be locked by Stan in the compartment in which, unfortunately, Ollie was also hiding. After the police have taken the butler away, Ollie, who has been blessed with two violets, lets Stan catch up with him.
  10. Flying Elephants (1927) IMDBDVD 26 time axis
    This film is set at a time when the club still played an important role in eliminating potential rivals. A new law requires Stone Age males aged 13 to 95 to marry within 24 hours, on pain of death or banishment, or both. The Stone Age driver James Finlayson, who suffers from toothache, owns the daughter Blushing Rose (Viola Richard), one of the still free candidates. Ollie appears in the unfamiliar territory and is made aware of the new law. First of all, Ollie brings his normally infallible and absolutely correct pick-up line ("Nice weather today, the elephants are flying south!") To the wrong, because already forgiven, Stone Age lady, as he learns from the husband's club. With the next lady, Ollie is more careful and inspects the area. Unfortunately, he overlooked the husband crouching above him, also equipped with a club. In the case of the third lady, he interprets the strong push of a billy goat as the next stroke of the club and voluntarily clears the field.

    Stone Age man and Springinsfeld Stan first gets into a battle between two rivals and then chooses a lady who, however, is not interested in his advances. It has to be the next, Blushing Rose, and Stan calls on Father Finlayson's. He asks Stan to catch a whale, while Stan admits that he specializes more in sardines. Stan almost kills another Stone Age man while fishing in the next river, once with a spear, once with a club (Stan lays a fly on the water as bait, a scene like "My Name Is Nobody"). Blushing Rose has meanwhile attached a small rock to his father's aching tooth with a rope, but when the stone is thrown into the abyss, Ollie kindly takes on this task, Finlayson flies right behind. But the tooth is gone and Ollie is declared a friend through a ritual. Finlayson introduces Ollie and Stan to each other, and the ritual also includes a club on the head, concluded with a dignified bow.

    The friendship between him and Stan suddenly ends when Ollie sees the pretty daughter and claims her for himself. Stan uses a ruse to guide Ollie to the abyss, but the kick given is far too weak. The billy goat helps Stan at the last moment and the only thing that stands in the way of marrying Blushing Rose is a bear, who romps under the overturned car, under which Finlayson, his daughter and Stan are also.
  11. Sugar daddies (1927) IMDBDVD 3 time axis
    James Finlayson wakes up after a night of partying and has to find out from the butler (Ollie) that he is newlywed. The new wife turns out to be a cheat who, with the help of her brother and daughter, wants to get Finlayson's money. Stan as a lawyer is supposed to save Finlayson from the mess. Finlayson and the two try to escape from the violent brother by having Finlayson forming the base of a two-story lady, with Stan as the upper floor. This construction has to prove itself on the dance floor and in a fair with air nozzles and rotating drums. The lower end of a slide becomes the scene of a mass gathering.
  12. Call of the Cuckoo - The House of a Thousand Joys (1927) IMDBDVD 26Timeline
    The Gimplewart family (the son is the freckled Spec O'Donnell, known from the movie "Sparrows") wants to sell their house. On the neighboring property is a society of madmen, including Stan and Ollie (with rather short hair, which is probably because The Second 100 Years was filmed at the same time), James Finlayson and Charley Chase, who are doing strange rituals and one Parade of bad skits and jokes. With such neighbors, Father Gimplewart sees the achievable price of his own home drop noticeably. After the first customer leaves in anger, the next one proposes a swap of the houses. In their opinion, the gimplewarts cannot lose and agree. The house with the number 1313 turns out to be a shack with an inadequate allocation of switches on one side and light, gas and water sources on the other (this idea will be used again later in Saps at Sea.). When you wipe it up in the kitchen, the paint on the flooring dissolves and it also winds up in a spiral. The bottom is so inclined that the piano can only stay in the desired position with an additional fixation. There is a visit to the housewarming party, while the host is taking a bath. The bathtub is falling apart and Mr Gimplewart is sitting there naked. The two visiting families fight each other and a fight begins. The piano, deprived of its support, starts moving, penetrates several walls and finally dismantles the parked car.To complete the accident, new neighbors, who are already known from the previous domicile, draw attention to themselves with a water hose.
  13. The Second 100 Years (1927) IMDBDVD 18 time axis
    Stan and Ollie work on their escape tunnel in prison, while Director James Finlayson awaits the visit of two high-ranking French colleagues who want to be inspired by the way he runs a prison. In the tunnel, a burning candle scorches Stan's bottom, and his pickaxe hits the man in front, Ollie, in the same place. A little later, Ollie hits a water pipe, and when they change the direction of the dig they end up in the guard's office, and now it's time to intensify the drill in the prison yard. In the exercises that follow, the two turn out to be rhythmic foreign bodies that considerably disturb the harmony of the overall picture. The opportunity arises to take on the roles of two house painters and escape from the prison grounds. A suspicious policeman chases the two of them, and in order not to blow the camouflage, Stan and Ollie paint everything that is within reach, including the back of a young lady who stops briefly at a street lamp. On the run, the two end up in the car of the announced French delegation and adopt their fine clothes, including top hats. The unsuspecting chauffeur takes his guests straight to the prison building. After a brief shock, Stan and Ollie clearly feel at home as unrecognized guests of honor at Finlayson. The dinner gong lets the two of them fall into step in step as usual on the prison grounds for a moment, but this moment of shock also passes, and Stan already helps himself to the wine before the other invited guests have even reached the table. Stan chases the cocktail cherry around the sundae with a fork (a scene like in the later film From Soup to Nuts from 1928) and later across the table. The prison tour is due, the two of them are recognized by the incarcerated French, and after a short, unsuccessful escape, Stan and Ollie march back to the cell in a practiced step.
  14. Hats off (1927) IMDBOther FilmsTimeline
  15. Putting Pants on Philip (1927) IMDBDVD 1 time axis
    Stan in a tartan skirt runs after a woman, is the focus of large crowds and should therefore be given a pair of pants. In a puddle covered by Stan with a jacket, laid down to enable the lady to cross the street, Ollie disappears.
  16. The Battle of the Century (1927) IMDBDVD 21 time axis
    The opponent of Thunder-Clap Callahan in the boxing ring is called Stan, who, however, has little optimism when it comes to a win. Stan performs some successful steps in dance as long as the actual fight has not yet started. Stan lands a lucky hit, but he not only interrupts the referee constantly while he is counting the opponent, he also gets involved in a proper wrestling match with him, which almost drives manager Ollie crazy. During the break, Thunder-Clap Callahan regained its original aggressiveness. Frozen with fear, Stan awaits the knockout blow that follows. While the audience has long since disappeared, Stan makes himself comfortable on the ring floor.

    Unfortunately, the following scenes have been destroyed and lost: An insurance agent sells Ollie and Stan accident insurance. In order to be able to collect the sum insured, a corresponding accident must be arranged.

    It continues with the fact that a banana peel is supposed to cause the necessary accident, but this is unintentionally discovered earlier by Charlie Hall, who is currently carrying a tin with cakes. Ollie's attempt to pass the traitorous banana on to Stan fails. The first cakes fly, and since everyone who is hit takes part in the battle, after a short time around 100 people throw the cream cakes. Then another scene is missing in which a policeman asks whether Stan and Ollie are responsible for throwing the cakes. Another cake lands in the cop's face and he tries to catch up with them.
  17. Leave 'Em Laughing (1928) IMDBDVD 21 time axis
    Two aching teeth rob Stan of his night's sleep. When Ollies tried to find the source of the pain, Stan twisted the ends of the cloth that was wrapped around his swollen cheek. The contents of a hot water bottle provided by Ollie pours into the shared bed. Ollie's attempts to pull the culprits with the help of a cord and door fail. The landlord, alarmed by the noise, is unceremoniously put out of action by Stans Eisenfaust. Nothing helps, Stan has to go to the dentist. Patients in line with Stan leave the treatment room in a sorry state. Although Ollie only wanted to show his companion how courageously a patient can look forward to his treatment, a tooth is pulled for him instead of Stan after the anesthesia, which is surprisingly carried out. Awakened again and one tooth poorer, Ollie Stan now wants to give Stan an anesthetic in revenge. The laughing gas that escapes, on the other hand, puts both of them in a state of long-lasting and unrestrained fits of laughter. Although they damage a number of other cars with their car, they struggle to keep themselves under control. In the last scene, they laughingly sink into a deep puddle with their car.
  18. The finishing touch - The unfinished prefabricated house (1928) IMDBDVD 14Time axis
    Stan and Ollie have the job of completing a prefabricated house. The owner promises an extra bonus for particularly brisk work. The resulting noise does not please the neighboring hospital, and a police officer urges them to calm down. A plank is either no longer in place, thanks to Stan, or, if there is one, it cannot hold Ellie's weight. Stan wears one very long plank at both ends. A nurse takes a quick look and makes it physically clear to both of them what she thinks about the construction noise. After a stumble, Ollie swallows the nails that are buried in his mouth (this idea was similarly found in Stan's solo film The Egg). Stan saws up the plank that Ollie is standing on the other end. Nevertheless, Stan and Ollie manage to meet the deadline and collect the extra bonus. Just as they are holding the money in their hands, a little bird landing on the chimney sets off a chain reaction. A little game of catch develops between Ollie and Stan, while the cheated customer desperately tries to get his money back. The matter rocks and the policeman is drawn into the action with a bucket of paint. A well-aimed stone throw by Stans sweeps two hats off the heads of the two comrades-in-arms. Finally, the two of them start moving and smash the prefabricated house.
  19. From soup to nuts (1928) IMDBDVD 5 time axis
    "From Soup to Nuts" anticipates the introductory story of A Chump at Oxford (1940). Stan and Ollie want to start as butlers in a posh household. The letter of recommendation shows in the section professional experience "activities in train station restaurants". Since there is no alternative, they will be discontinued anyway. The first contact with the housemaid is made by dipping Ollie's hat in the salad bowl. Since Ollie keeps telling Stan that he still has the hat on, Stan also takes the hat off the cook's head. A short time later they hit each other with plates on the skulls. Ollie saves the large china tray in time, but only to stumble with it a few seconds later. In the meantime, the hostess tries in vain to put a cocktail cherry with a spoon into the receptive mouth. Ollie goes majestically to serve the big cream cake, but is stopped in time by a banana peel. Stan, on the other hand, let the ladle slip into the soup tureen, so he fills the plate with a swivel through the soup. Thanks to the banana peel, the landlord can get his soup faster than he'd like. Stan ends a small argument with a straight straight line. Ollie flies his face into another cake one more time because the position of the banana peel has been changed in the meantime. Stan can no longer watch the slumbering in this house and chases Ollie with the cake leftovers into the kitchen and restless guests back to the table. Since the hostess is still chasing the cherry around the plate with a spoon, practitioner Stan intervenes to help. Stan is supposed to serve the salad, but "undressed", which he only does when the kitchen maid tells him that the salad is always served this way.
  20. You're darn tootin ' (1928) IMDBDVD 25 time axis
    Stan and Ollie are members of a small orchestra. At first they are uncomfortable because they always get up when the other orchestra members sit down, and vice versa (This idea is also used in the prison film "Pardon Us" (1931)). Then Stan also misses his use of the clarinet. Stan's clarinet falls apart into the individual parts, and while he is reassembling the instrument, his notes fly away and land under the conductor's foot. Stan inconspicuously borrows Ollie's sheet music and makes it clear to the searching Ollie that his notes are those with the conductor. Ollie needs a few painful attempts, before he can pull the sheet music out from under the conductor's stamping foot. Ollie and Stan argue over the sheet music, knocking down all the other members of the orchestra in a chain reaction.

    When she arrives at home, she expects new trouble - her landlady wants to see the outstanding rent immediately. Ollie learns that Stan doesn't close the lid of the salt and pepper shaker properly while seasoning his lunch. The cheeky son of the family reveals to his mother that Stan and Ollie have just been fired from their orchestra, lunch is immediately broken off and the two are sent out on the street with their instruments to earn the rent. Since they cannot show a license to a police officer, they are sent away, but immediately sneak back to their place, which unfortunately is directly under the open window of the practice room in which their former orchestra is currently rehearsing. The conductor's hearing immediately went through his marrow and bone, and he emptied the water dispenser out of the window, but only met the policeman, who had meanwhile taken Stan and Ollie's place.

    Stan disappears upside down into an open gully. Ollie tells him to be more careful, but on the next block it's Ollie, whose legs are dangling from a gully. Ollie breaks Stan's clarinet and Stan's clarinet, in turn, throws the horn on the busy street. The two start arguing, and there is also the teasing in which Stan places his index finger flat on Ollie's chest and makes him snap at the tip of his nose the moment Ollie looks down (although at least he does in Harold Lloyd's "Grandma's Boy" from 1922). Stan is crying about the broken hat until he realizes that it was Ollie's copy. Stan always steps on Ollie's foot, so that he is paralyzed by hopping on one leg for a few seconds, but interfering passers-by also experience the same treatment. After a short time you can see about 20 jumping figures. Then Stan starts pulling down Ellie's pants, and this is very contagious in the group. In the heat of the moment, the policeman is not spared by Stan either. To escape, Stan and Ollie get the trousers they are in from a voluminous passerby together leave the scene in lockstep.
  21. Their purple moment - Dick and Stupid - the greedy (1928) IMDBDVD 10Timeline
    Stan and Ollie are heavily under the thumb of their wives and always have to hand over their wages to the ladies immediately. Nevertheless, Stan manages to smuggle some money past his wife and hide it in a wallet in a prepared picture. Stan and Ollie now want to have a fun evening with the money they have collected and invite two ladies to do so. While eating, Stan notices that there are only worthless discount stamps in the wallet. The two try in vain to disappear inconspicuously. In the kitchen there is a showdown, with food playing an important role in the face of the competitors.

    There is another version expanded on DVD 10 with excerpts from another film (Bacon Grabbers), which is commented on by Hanns Dieter Hüsch.

  22. Should Married Men Go Home? (1928) IMDBDVD 19 time axis
    Ollie is being pampered by his wife at home when bachelor Stan arrives to pick him up for a game of golf. The Hardys keep quiet at first and pretend they are not at home. However, Stan increases the volume of the knock and ends up using a golf club. Stan writes a little note and slips it under the door. However, Ollie picks it up too early (as in Come Clean (1931)), and the Hardys have to let the uninvited guest in. Ollie doesn’t want to start a conversation, and there is silence for several minutes. Stan smokes a cigar without asking and hooks his jacket on the blind, which he pulls out of its anchorage. When he tries to reattach the blind, he pierces the seat of a chair. When Ollie prefers to start the gramophone himself, he exaggerates the winding process and the turntable mechanics say goodbye with a roar. Ollie's wife now sees it as more advantageous to let them go to a game of golf. The golf cap that Ollie bequeathed to Stan is a little too big. Stan jumps over the garden fence with ease, when Ollie tries to do the same under the eyes of his wife, he pulls down the entire fence. Arriving at the golf course, the two of them realize that today the use of the course is only allowed in groups of four, but fortunately two charming young women (Viola Richard and Edna Marion) are also looking for partners to play with. The perky ladies want to be invited for a drink, but Stan and Ollie are a little unprepared and not sufficiently fluent. Ollie shakes his head and makes it clear to Stan that he shouldn't order anything (a scene like later in Men O'War), but Stan is heavy with Kapee. Stan has to leave his watch as a deposit and the four of them can leave for the game.

    Stan collects all the golf balls on the course and leaves players looking amazed. Stan begins, but the too large golf cap proves to be a hindrance when teeing off, which prompts a lapwing (Edgar Kennedy) to first demonstrate the correct technique to Stan. When the tee shot, Kennedy loses his toupee, which causes some storms of laughter among the women. The next time you try, the iron lands on Stan's chin. In a further attempt, Kennedy's toupee flies again and is replaced by Stan with a swept away part of the earth including flowers. Kennedy tries to hit a ball from the edge of a muddy area, but Stan advises that the official rules require playing from the exact location of the ball. Kennedy gets into the puddle of mud and on the first try, he throws a load of mud onto the back of a golfer. This takes revenge with a handful of mud, which hits Viola Richard. Other players are involved in the action. The smirking and still clean Stan and Ollie are happy a little early. When Ollie tries to pull Stan, who is still relatively clean, into the pool, he sinks into a particularly deep spot. For justice, Stan is also promoted into the pool by a very great golfer.
  23. Early to Bed (1928) IMDBDVD 7 time axis
    When Ollie is surprisingly able to inherit a handsome inheritance, Stan is generously hired as head butler. Ollie takes on the obnoxious behavior of the nouveau riche pretty quickly, and when he returns to the house one night, slightly tipsy, he has a few unfriendly jokes with Stan. from 1929 will play a role again.). Tired of the constant humiliation, Stan hands over the letter of resignation the next morning, but Ollie ignores it grandly. Stan wants to force the resignation and begins to demolish the house. Pie cream on Stan's mouth is interpreted by Ollie as a sign of rabies already in place and he takes flight. A chase develops through the villa. Ollie replaces one of the water-spouting heads of the house fountain as camouflage, but has difficulty keeping up with the other gargoyles in terms of water quantity ...
  24. Two tars (1928) IMDBDVD 13 time axis
    Stan and Ollie as sailors help two lovely young women open a stubborn chewing gum machine. During the subsequent jaunt together, a few discrepancies in the traffic jam lead to the dismantling of all the cars involved.
  25. Habeas corpus (1928) IMDBDVD 24 time axis
    The insane Professor Padilla imagines that he has to carry out an experiment with a human body to prove his theory. In Stan and Ollie, who are begging at the door, he has found two candidates who can earn $ 500 if they get him a body from the cemetery. While the professor is taken into custody by the police, who have been alerted by the servant, Stan and Ollie are on their way.Stan has his doubts about the professor's health, but Ollie reassures him by saying that the professor is as healthy as she is. Ollie climbs a tall street sign to see the words "Freshly painted!" to recognize. The servant is up to mischief in the cemetery as a ghost. Stan is supposed to use a robber ladder to overcome the cemetery wall, but he rocks with the wrong rhythm. Once over there, Stan places the candle on the back of a turtle. The "ghost" creates echoes in response to Stan's clapping. Don't worry, says Ollie, but that changes when a double clap creates a triple echo. A bat increases Stan's anxiety. The wandering turtle sets the ghost on fire. The smoking white figure panics Stan once and for all, and he hops over the wall back into the street. While trying to get Stan back to the other side, Ollie accidentally breaks through the wall. The bare toe of Ollies, who is peeking out of a pile of sand, is being worked by himself with a shovel. The ghost is hiding in the body bag that Stan and Ollie are taking with them. The legs look out so that it runs in sync with Stan. Ollie falls into a deep puddle with the ghost, and Stan and Ollie run away in panic.
  26. We Faw Down - We're Falling on Our Noses (1928) IMDBDVD 2Timeline
    Stan and Ollie claim to their wives that they have to go to a theater show on behalf of their boss, but actually plan to go to poker. After a mishap, they let their wet clothes dry in two ladies' apartments. By pressing on Stan's larynx, his tongue always comes out. The theater burns down in the meantime, the wives are later shown the supposedly seen performance again at home. A gunshot by the unconvinced wife causes tons of other men to fall from the surrounding windows.
  27. Liberty (1929) IMDBDVD 22 time axis
    Stan and Ollie as convicts can escape, but unfortunately Ollie puts on Stan's pants when swapping civilian clothes in the hustle and bustle. Every supposedly suitable place for restoring the correct allocation of the trousers ultimately turns out to be a presentation plate. Stan catches cancer in the backyard of a fish shop. After "en passant" James Finlayson's record offer was destroyed, Stan and Ollie involuntarily end up on high scaffolding. The cancer in the pants and Stan's lack of a head for heights make maneuvering at height extremely difficult.
  28. Wrong Again - Blind Fury (1929) IMDBDVD 15Timeline
    Stan and Ollie work on a stud farm and look after the horse "Blue Boy". When they found out from the newspaper that "Blue Boy" had been stolen and that there was a hefty reward for the finder, they took the horse to the gentleman who was actually expecting the return of the painting "Blue Boy" by Thomas Gainsborough. When asked to put "Blue Boy" on the piano, Stan and Ollie are happy to comply. Any inconsistencies are explained by the two of them with the spleens of the rich people (accompanied by a cuckoo call with the hand "the other way round"). Ollie destroys a statue and reassembles it incorrectly. It will also get trapped under the piano.

    The second version "Blinde Wut" is also on DVD 15 and, in contrast to the silent film "Wrong Again", is dubbed in German, but not exactly outstanding.

  29. That's my wife (1929) IMDBDVD 22 time axis
    Stan's constant presence is to blame that Ollie's wife is running away. Ollie sees the inheritance dwindling without a presentable wife, and Stan has to take over the part of the wife towards the ancestral son. Stan rushes down the stairs. The uncle wants to shake off the dance floor and the appropriate location is sought out. Stan has a pushy suitor. A waiter falls several times on his well-loaded tray. A thief makes a necklace disappear in Stan's back, and Ollie and Stan try to bring the necklace to light again through an expressive dance or other contortions.
  30. Big business - The Big Business (1929) IMDBDVD 17DVD 21Timeline
    Stan and Ollie try to sell Christmas trees. After several unsuccessful attempts, they end up with James Finlayson, who shows no interest either. A twig jammed in the door ensures that the atmosphere gradually heats up and can only be discharged by Stan and Ollie smashing Finlayson's house and allowing him to let off steam at the car of the two to compensate. Of course, as always, the opponent is given enough time for each move. The entire neighborhood is there, so as not to miss any detail of the exchange of blows. When Stan realizes that the destruction has taken place under the strict eyes of a police officer, he tries as an act of reparation to at least partially reassemble the destroyed piano. Stan and Ollie appear to be deeply repentant sinners, so that even the police officer and the crowd watching are seized and the handkerchiefs are pulled out. Stan and Ollie let their mask fall under the eyes of the policeman. The reconciliation cigar offered to Finlayson explodes and the two flee.

    The film is included on two DVDs. I could not see any difference.
  31. Double whoopee - The Prince in the Elevator Shaft (1929) IMDBDVD 10Time axis
    Stan and Ollie take up a position in a hotel as porters and messengers - and are initially mistaken for the expected prince and prime minister. The prince ends up in the greasy elevator shaft more often than he would like. The unnecessary use of a whistle leads to repeated trouble with a taxi driver. Jean Harlow's dress gets stuck in the door of another taxi. The attempt to save the situation ends in a general scuffle.

    There is another version expanded on DVD 10 with excerpts from another film (Leave 'Em Laughing), which is commented on by Hanns Dieter Hüsch.

  32. Berth Marks - In a Bed (1929) IMDBDVD 21
    Stan as the cellist and his manager Ollie are on their way to a gig in a vaudeville theater. The two meet only with difficulty at the agreed place at the train station. It is even more difficult to understand the station announcer, but a snapped word "Pottsville" makes it clear to the two that the train is already waiting on the platform, ready to leave. As the departure now accelerates, the cello required for the performance suffers and the notes have to be left behind. Stan involuntarily gives the first impetus that initially two men, unknown to him, and later the passengers of an entire wagon, tear each other's clothes. The one in the sleeping compartment for Stan, Ollie and The space available for the cello is very limited, and the position of the bunk on the top floor is strategically unfavorable. Taking off your street clothes turns out to be almost impossible in the narrow space. When they are finally satisfied in their bunk, the conductor announces the Pottsville station. Stan and Ollie have to get off without their shoes unprepared as they are being cleaned. When Stan has to admit that his cello is still on the train, Ollie gets angry.

    In the German version, all roles are spoken by Hanns Dieter Hüsch, with the text in some cases significantly different.

  33. Men O'War - Dick and Stupid as Sailors (1929) IMDBDVD 9Timeline
    Stan and Ollie are sailors on shore leave in a park. A petticoat lying on the floor is mistakenly assigned to two lovely young women who are looking for lost gloves. Stan and Ollie allow themselves to accompany the ladies and invite them to James Finlayson's bar for a drink. Since there is not enough money, Stan should refuse when Ollie asked what he wanted, but it was beyond Stan's ability to think. The bill is still higher than expected, and Stan tries his luck at a slot machine in his distress. Now the ladies can also be invited to a rowing game. After initial difficulties in using the oars in a coordinated manner in order to leave the jetty in the first place, the two of them mess with other day trippers on the pond. The dispute escalates under the terrified Finlayson's watch. In the last scene, the now fully occupied boat slowly sinks into the pond.
  34. Perfect Day - Dick and Doof make a country trip (1929) IMDBDVD 21Timeline
    The weather is nice, the atmosphere is splendid - so what could be more natural than a picnic with the whole family in the countryside? The first layer of sandwiches is found on the floor after Stan's collision with Ollie. At first the wives can intervene soothingly, but a little devil forces Ollie to return the favor to Stan with one blow with the tray. The family dog ​​bites into the cast foot of Uncle Edgar, who is sick with gout, but after a few difficulties the family has made it into the car. The descent is a bit slow, because on such a beautiful Sunday there is some neighborhood maintenance and everyone says goodbye to everyone with a "goodbye", of course with multiple repetitions. A flat tire is just the right time, and uncle's good advice to Stan on how to change a tire correctly ends up being fatally very painful for the gentleman. A misdirected jack sparked an argument with a neighbor. The pastor walks along the path, which causes the family to flee in panic inside the house, because it is Sunday. After the air is clear again, we can finally start, but Stan and Ollie get tangled trying to put their jackets on correctly. The car doesn't start, and Ollie's request to Stan to disengage the clutch is literally taken by Stan. But after this last problem has also been solved, the car starts moving - and ends up in a deep puddle.
  35. They Go Boom! - The damp hotel bed (1929) IMDBDVD 14Time axis
    Stan and Ollie are in bed, but sleep is suffering from Ollie's cold and the rebellious blind. When fixing a fallen picture, Stan hits a hidden water pipe with the nail, so that the bed gradually fills with water. Stan wants to prepare a hot footbath for Ollie, but first struggles with a stubbornly sticky fly paper. The footbath turns out to be a little too hot for Ollie. After a few arguments, the landlord appears on the mat, whose patience seems to be about to break. A short time later the time has come, the landlord ends up with his head in the tub filled with milk sludge. A little later, the mattress of the two fills unnoticed with air, which is diverted from the heater. When Stan and Ollie touch the ceiling, it's too late to escape ...
  36. Bacon Grabbers (1929) IMDBDVD 26 time axis
    Stan and Ollie get the job to pick up a radio that has not been paid for. They leave the boss's office awkwardly because they always forget something. A lamp falls on Ollie's head when he slams the door a little too hard. Stan uses a crank to start their stubborn car, which immediately starts to vibrate violently and, after Stan's intervention, hits the vehicle in front (Charlie Hall). While inspecting the damage, Ollie senses from his damp bottom that the radiator has become leaky. The two must now manage to personally hand over a certificate to the defaulting payer. However, he sensed a fuse in time and barricaded himself in the house. Barked at by the barking of the landlord, Stan and Ollie organize a stately dog, which, despite its size, runs away and pulls Ollie behind on a leash. In the meantime Stan has blocked the door, but the certificate is again not within reach, and the landlord manages to clasp Stan's hands behind his back. They finally have the man in a stranglehold, but Ollie only hands him Stan's lunch. Several more attempts at handover fail, but then it finally works, but the second part of the task of picking up the radio has not yet been completed. To get into the house, the two borrow a ladder on a neighboring construction site, which is also missing a few seconds later by a worker flying into a trough. Despite the ladder, Stan and Ollie have some difficulties in reaching the open window on the upper floor, as the landlord is already using the feather duster to ward off any approaches and another dog attacks Ollie carrying the ladder. A policeman is made aware of the situation by a gunshot that hit the hydrant. With his help, the radio is picked up, but the homeowner starts another argument with a kick. In the meantime, a steamroller dismantles the radio. The owner of the house is thievingly happy until the wife who has come home happily announces that she has finally managed to pay the installments for the radio. This in turn creates storms of enthusiasm at Stan and Ollie, which stop abruptly when the steamroller runs over their car.
  37. Angora Love (1929) IMDBDVD 13 time axis
    Stan and Ollie take a goat that has run into the hotel room. Ollie massages his supposedly own foot full of devotion (but it is Stan's, similar scene in "Beau Hunks" (1931)). A goat's night bath develops into an exchange of blows with the hotel owner.
  38. Unaccustomed As We Are - The Burning Neighbor (1929) IMDBDVD 8Time axis
    This short film for the most part anticipates the story of "Block-Heads" from 1938: Ollie had Stan raved about his wife's cooking skills and invited him to dinner. The wife, however, can think of better things than preparing Ollie's steaks for the idiotic friends and leaves the apartment. Ollie takes command of the kitchen, but doesn't stay too long because of gas explosions. The pretty neighbor wants to help, but has to hide in a chest when both Ollie's wife and the neighbor's husband, a police officer, unexpectedly enter the apartment ...

    DVD 8 contains another, slightly shorter version spoken by Hanns Dieter Hüsch.

  39. The Hollywood Revue of 1929IMDBSDVD 8 time axis
    Stan and Ollie show in a 6-minute performance as magicians what can go wrong.
  40. The Hoose-Gow - Innocent Behind Bars (1929) IMDBDVD 13Timeline
    Stan and Ollie are in a labor camp. A leak in the radiator of the general's car is sealed with rice. A rice lump fight develops.
  41. Night Owls - Dick and Stupid as Burglars (1930) IMDBDVD 24Timeline
    Officer Edgar Kennedy urgently needs a sense of achievement, as numerous unexplained break-ins have taken place in his area and the press is already demanding the head of the police chief. Kennedy is able to "persuade" the tramps Stan and Ollie to let him catch them in a bogus break-in at the police chief's. The plus points collected in this way are intended to protect him from threatened termination. A first stalking is ended by Kennedy's inattentiveness when a pile of trash cans collapse and butler James Finlayson is put on alert. Stan and Ollie try to overcome the wall that borders the police chief's property after finishing small scuffles. When Stans tries to drag Ollie onto the wall, he rips his trousers. When they are lowered from the wall, they end up in a small greenhouse. The cat's howl, used for camouflage, causes Finlayson to throw a shoe in the direction of the noise source, which is magically attracted to Ollie's skull. Stan throws the second shoe back, Finlayson counters again, but also hits the glass of the closing window. The shoe subsequently disposed of by Ollie then hits the street lamp as well as the head of the waiting Kennedy, who collapses in a daze. A little bit of water left in a hose wets Ollie's face. When entering through a window, Stan sets the curtain on fire with the candle, the bucket of water mainly hits Ollie. The two break into the house several times, but somehow still manage to stand in front of the locked front door again and again. When they finally got to the house, they fill the bag they brought with them with valuables and wait in vain for Kennedy. They accidentally start the automatic piano and flee when the first pistol shots start. While the police chief meets his perplexed subordinate with a sack of stolen goods in his hand, Ollie's pants are completely torn as he escapes over the wall, and Stan ends up in the garbage can so unhappy that he has to flee as a kind of "hermit crab".
  42. Blotto - tipsy (1930) IMDBDVD 20 timeline