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Start-ups help children with their homework online

Helpr, the Utrecht manufacturer of teaching bots - intelligent learning programs - has started a collaboration with the organization “Students help students”, which was founded yesterday. The organization will offer online classes to children who have to stay at home and need help due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The idea comes from Sander Bos, a student of the Liberal Arts & Sciences ’course at Utrecht University with a focus on innovation management. His sister is taking her final exam at high school this year. This weekend he decided to give her private lessons so that she could go to the exams in a more relaxed manner, says Bos. “That was my intention anyway. But now that everyone is at home due to Corona, I thought: We have to make this possible for all children who need tutoring ”.

Utrecht start-ups

So Bos Herman turned to van den Berg, the marketing manager of the start-up center. Van den Berg called the start-up Helpr, which is located in the same building in and specializes in online help with homework. This is done with the help of a study robot that answers questions via an app on the mobile phone. Such a tool is the perfect replacement for regular school lessons in times of epidemic.

To give homework online, Students Help Students uses, a free online platform where a tutor can chat and consult with a student about a problem they want to solve, says Bos.

There are also discussions with large textbook publishers such as Thieme Meulenhoff, who has all the exam collections online and makes them available for free practice. Negotiations are currently under way with other companies.

Pay for free or with Tikkie

On the website of ‘Students help students’, students and pupils can register online to give or receive private tuition. In the first few days alone, more than a hundred students registered, says Bos. You can indicate whether you want an allowance of e.g. 5 euros, which the students or parents pay via Tikkie, or whether you want to give free tutoring.

If a student has no money, he gets tutoring from a free tutor, says co-founder Jaap Koelewijn of the teaching bot manufacturer Helpr. There will also be a donate button on the website so that anyone who wants to support the initiative financially can do so conveniently. “At the moment we have no financial problems. But we're going to need money soon to keep going. "

Companies participate

Talks are ongoing with various Dutch companies that want to offer similar services, such as Kennisnet and Remind Learning, as well as with secondary schools looking for tutoring support for students who need them.

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