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The Taxito ride-sharing system in the Willisau and Luthertal region will start operating again today. Due to the current Corona numbers, the Lucerne Transport Association (VVL) has worked with Taxito AG to develop rules of conduct to protect drivers and passengers. These rules now allow a start of operation.

Due to the corona virus, the Verkehrsverbund Luzern (VVL) had to put the taxi ride system Taxito out of operation in mid-March 2020. With this, the VVL reacted to the Federal Council's decision to keep the further spread of the corona virus low with a lockdown. Taxito in the Napf area will now be restarted on Thursday, September 24, 2020.

"To protect the health of taxi drivers and users, we have drawn up rules of conduct. They are basically based on the recommendations for public transport, but have been expanded specifically for the taxi service offer," explains VVL media spokesman Romeo Degiacomi. The rules of conduct are clearly visible at every Taxito stop and show the most important recommendations with pictograms. They can also be accessed online. In the event of a positive corona finding, it is possible to notify affected persons quickly thanks to the already established registration process. The following applies to taxi rides:

  • Mask compulsory for Taxito passengers aged 12 and over
  • A maximum of 2 Taxito passengers per vehicle who take a seat in the back seat
  • Observe hygiene regulations, wash hands regularly
  • Taking along or taking a ride can be refused if the hygiene rules cannot be adhered to.

Easier use In the course of the resumption, all Taxito information boards were graphically revised and renewed. This makes Taxito even easier to understand for first-time users. The price of CHF 2.90 per trip corresponds to a single trip on public transport. Half of the fare goes to the car driver as well as to Taxito and the Lucerne transport association. "We are happy that we can now offer the ride-sharing system in the Napf area again," says Degiacomi.