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Siddharta Gautama is the founder of Buddhism. According to tradition, he came to the knowledge of all things at the age of around 35 in a meditation under a fig tree. As an enlightened one, he is considered the first Buddha.

Siddharta was born around 2500 years ago in Lumbini near Kapilavastu. This place is on today's border between India and Nepal. His parents were wealthy Hindus and lived in a large castle. The mother died shortly after the birth. Siddharta grew up with his father and spent his childhood with all the luxuries imaginable. At the age of 16 Siddhartha was married to his cousin Yashodhara.

As a youth, Siddharta was only allowed to stay in the palace. However, he also wanted to get to know life outside of it. And so he secretly went on four trips. It was the first time in his life that he got to know hardship. He later observed that all people in the world suffer. Some because they are sick, poor or lonely, others because they have to deal with a bad fate. But he also saw healthy, rich and spoiled by fate people who were plagued by dissatisfaction or even envy, greed or hatred.

At the age of 29, Siddharta became a father. However, shortly after the birth of his young son Rahula, Siddharta left the palace and changed his life. After a long search for peace and knowledge, he sank deep into his thoughts. In this meditation, according to Buddhist belief, he found a way to free himself from all suffering. According to tradition, he led a modest life, only brought joy and goodness to his fellow human beings, and looked at all people and things without judging them in any way. That led him to the true knowledge of all things. With that he was the first Buddha.

Siddharta Gautama and his followers told people how they could get rid of all suffering and live in peace. His son Rahula also helped. That was around 2500 years ago. The Buddhist belief is now very widespread - especially in Asia.
At the age of 80, Siddharta died of food poisoning in Kushinagara. Buddhists believe that after his death he succeeded in exiting the cycle of rebirth and entering nirvana.

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