What is deep SEO

SEO for everyone

Have you always asked yourself what is behind the three letters "SEO"? We are happy to clarify: The term SEO comes from English and means Search Engine Optimization. This includes all measures that serve to ensure that your website is listed as high up as possible on search engines (without the paid Google Ads). And that the interested parties who click on the link then stay on your site if possible and get further information there.

What happens with apostrophes when translation is optimized for search engines? In addition to the localization of the content, which is carried out with every translation, the keywords in the target language in particular are checked and incorporated in the search engine-optimized translation. But be careful, please remember: Keywords should appear, but not too often. Context is required. Convince your readers with horizontal and vertical knowledge. Google will rate context positively and bring your ranking up.

At Apostroph, we only use native-speaking specialist translators who have a deep understanding of SEO for all of our translations. Our project manager writes the specifications for you and, after the work is done, checks the text in the "Searchmetrics" software in real time before it is delivered to you.

For translations and text adjustments related to SEO, you've come to the right place at Apostroph! By the way: We are also happy to revise your existing texts at a later date. If you want, we can also bring a real SEO professional to the table who will discuss your website with you holistically, also in terms of technology. Because these components are also continuously analyzed and evaluated by Google.