What is an NCC group

We make the invisible

Cyber ​​security threats are invisible. That doesn't mean they aren't there.

Global experts in cybersecurity and (IT) risk mitigation

Your challenges


How safe is your company?

Do you have a comprehensive strategy in place to protect your business from today's sophisticated attackers and complex threats?


How is your compliance going?

Do you have an overview of the effects that the regulations in your industry will have on your company? Are you prepared for a lengthy and complex assessment and certification process?


How do you manage supply chain risk?

Can you verify that your partners and suppliers adhere to the necessary security standards to protect shared systems and data?

Our competencies


Billion security events were processed every day


Cyber ​​threats were resolved within two hours


Days for investigative and disruptive research per year


Years of protecting business-critical systems

Our industries

Finance and Professional Services

Identification and protection of personally identifiable information (PII) and transaction data to increase the trust of your customers and partners.

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Technology, media and telecommunications

Securing the reliability, failure safety and availability of your products and services

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Transportation and manufacturing

Protection and modernization of transport and manufacturing systems to ensure maximum availability and security.

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Public hand

Prioritizing the security and availability of government data and securely adopting new technologies for use in the public sector.

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retail trade

Modernizing outdated POS systems, securely developing payment solutions, applications and other technologies, and maintaining PCI compliance.

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Energy and utilities

Securing global energy supplies through first-class cybersecurity and comprehensive risk management.

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