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Storify #Dug up with podcast and blog posts

Our Storify with podcast and blog posts about the community evening # unearthed

On February 1st, we invited our online community to a tour of our special exhibition #Dug up followed by a get-together in the Helms Lounge with free beer and pretzels. About 50 Twitterers, Instagramers and bloggers followed the call. The Monitoring shows that within a few hours 369 tweets (plus 340 retweets) and 24 Instagram photos with the hashtag #Augged out were sent or uploaded. They had an impression (= reach) of 931,709. We are of course very pleased about this reach - also that we made it into the “Twitter Trending Topics Germany”. (By the way, it is still worth following the hashtag #Dug up on Instagram, as great photos are still being uploaded)



We were particularly pleased that we had the opportunity to get to know our online followers personally. And it was really fun to get to know you guys! Thank you for coming! It was great!

We would also like to thank the Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei again for the beer they provided!


The Live broadcast, which was broadcast on Mixlr during the tour with our archaeologist Kay-Peter Suchowa, can be listened to on Hafenradio.
In the future, we will also broadcast our events more frequently via live stream, this is also part of our social media strategy.


The first Blog posts can be found here:
-> Markus Trapp: "Exhibition tip: In Harburg culture was EXCAVATED and evaluated"
-> Kirsten Ritter: "Social media evening for the special exhibition #Dug up in the Archaeological Museum in Hamburg"
-> Ulrike Hecker: "Unearthed - in Hamburg Harburg"
-> Heike Roegler: “# excavated. A (social media) evening at the Archaeological Museum Hamburg. "
-> Sabine Engel: "Tasting:" überNormalNull ", the first alcohol-free IPA from the Kehrwieder creative brewery"
-> Sabine Engel: "Where you can break a 400-year-old plate or: When #Dug up in the Helms-Museum"
-> Ivonne Gumprecht: "It was nice: #Dug up - Social media evening for the special exhibition" Dug up. Harburg archaeological. ""
-> Wera Wecker: “Hamburg is social | # excavated "
-> Damián Morán Dauchez: "The Art of Museum Tour / #excavated"


Now let's just let the tweets tell what we’re in a Storify have summarized: