How long do eyeshadows last

New Year's cleaning in the beauty case - this is how long make-up & co can last

A lipstick in every handbag, in the bathroom the cool trend nail polish from the summer before last and in the beauty case the glitter eye shadow that has been waiting there for months for its very special appearance. We find it difficult to part with our cosmetics favorites and are busy collecting colors and textures. The problem: Even beauty products don't last forever. GLOSSYBOX has the overview and perspective for you!

Check the shelf life with ease

A best-before date is indicated on every cosmetic product. You can find it as a cream jar icon with a number. The number indicates the months in which the product can be kept after opening.

Make up

You should use liquid make-up within twelve months if possible. Have the oil and water already settled? Then throw it in the trash!

Tip: Always apply the make-up to the back of the hand first and from there spread it over the face. This prevents bacteria and germs from reaching the bottle or tube.


Mascara and liquid eyeliner are the most sensitive of beauty products and can only be kept for a maximum of six months. If they smell unpleasant or crumbly, you should dispose of them sooner.

Tip: After applying make-up, brush or paintbrush back into the bottle with a twisting motion. So less air gets in.

Eye shadow, powder, blush

In powder form, eyeshadows and co. Can be kept for up to 36 months, in creamy form only one year. As soon as you see the slightest sign of mold: Get rid of it immediately!

Tip: Clean brushes regularly so that bacteria don't have a chance to multiply.

nail polish

Once opened, the varnish can be used for up to 24 months. However, if the consistency changes beforehand or bubbles form during application, you should separate beforehand.

Tip: Store nail polishes in cool, dark places. Just not in the refrigerator, because it's too cold for them: They become hard and peel off faster after application.


Lipsticks conjure up a kissable mouth for about three years. After that, the color and consistency can change. As soon as the product crumbles or no longer smells good, you should immediately ban it from your beauty case.

Tip: If a lipstick has not been used for a long time, simply dab the top layer with a cosmetic tissue - this will remove any bacteria that may be present.

Eyeliner and eyebrow pencil

These pens are almost indestructible cosmetics and can be used for up to 36 months. You only have to be suspicious if they smell strange or crumble.

Tip: If the tip turns white, just sharpen it - the problem is solved.

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