What job do you ever regret

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Hello dear forum members,

I am in touch today because I am about to finally take the step and apply for a place in human medicine after years of procrastination.

About my background: I studied business administration at a vocational academy in Hessen, later did an MBA and did a master’s degree in medical management. Today I work successfully in the field of health policy in a pharmaceutical company.

So I got very close to the "medical" one. I had always hoped that my wish for a real medical degree with studying medical management and working in a pharmaceutical company would take care of itself. Unfortunately that didn't happen. I often have to attend medical congresses professionally and then every time I wish that medicine and medical work would be my daily business.

From a factual point of view, I actually have a great life. I've achieved more professionally than I ever dreamed of and I'm doing well financially. But still this life does not fulfill me. I long for medicine. And my biggest fear is that one day I'll be 80 and deeply regret never following my dream or at least not trying.

What is holding me back now? Well, on the one hand there are all the voices from around the world who urgently advise me against it. In most cases, reasons are given such as: "Don't you want any children?", "You then have to accept massive setbacks in your standard of living" or simply "You're crazy! Be satisfied at last!". I can understand all of this, but what if I forever regret not having dared to take the step? For the last 5 years I had suppressed the wish because I was in a relationship and didn't want to burden my partner with a "student". The relationship is now over and so I'm running out of reasons against taking the step. ;-)

Now to my questions:
Are there people among you who have already had both feet on the ground and have then studied medicine again? What jobs did you do during your studies? Is there someone among you with a first degree in business administration who was then able to put his business administration experience to good use in a job while studying? And how much time do you have for work besides your studies? And last but not least: Have you oldies ever regretted taking the step to medical school?

Thank you in advance for reading! :-) I look forward to your comments and answers!

I'm neither one nor the other, but the question that arises is- are you ready to go abroad?

The University of Cooperative Education and two Master's degrees within Germany sound like applying for a second degree and that can be difficult, especially since you already have a job in the business administration-medicine interface.
Arrythmia will definitely say more about this.

Otherwise - good luck! :-)

Hello star bunny,

Thank you very much for your feedback! :-) Is the vocational academy now considered a first degree? I thought that only applies to those in Baden-Württemberg. At least that's what I found out during my research. Hope nothing has changed. :-) However, I am unsure about the two part-time master’s degrees. Neither of them were undergraduate courses and so I had hoped that they would not lead to the "second degree" selection. : - / If you know more, always bring it to me! :-)

The best thing to do is to write an email to hochschulstart right away, then you will have it in writing :-).

And take a look in the second degree applicant forum (http://www.medi-learn.de/foren/forumdisplay.php?323-Zweitstudien-Bewerber)!

Hello star bunny,

So, I have now sent an email to Hochschulstart so that I can at least get a permanent answer to the question of applicants for first or second degree. :-) Now I'm really looking forward to the response from Hochschulstart.

@all: is there anyone else here who can help me with my other questions? I would be particularly interested in the topic of jobs alongside medical studies? What experiences do you have here? (especially medical students who were able to use their work experience from their old job well for a part-time job)


I am now studying medicine in the 6th semester as a second student with a bachelor's and 2 masters (Germany & abroad) in business administration / int. Management.

I have a job alongside my studies - but it has to do exclusively with medicine and my degrees were in no way beneficial: I work as a second assistant in the operating theater. I don't do this job to earn a lot of money, fortunately, the financing of my studies is secured (even without a part-time job) and on dry land. I do this because I like to be in the operating room and also like to do practical work.

However, I already had a job offer in the field of medical controlling - which I had not even actively sought, but which came about by chance. I couldn't accept it (on the one hand it was in the time before the Physikum and on the other hand I am not flexible in terms of location because of my studies, the company was 300 km away)
Here, of course, I would have earned accordingly and the degrees would have brought something ;-) So there are opportunities if you are flexible, learn easily and can shovel free time.
The OR job is just super flexible, I can work a lot, little, not at all for months ... as I want. This is an advantage that should not be underestimated.

What other questions do you have?
I won't be so active here for a couple of weeks now, because I'll be on vacation.

PS: If your Masters was done in Germany, then you are a second student.

@ Asterisk: [- :: -]
(PS: I'm on vacation from tomorrow - answer to your question in the other topic)

And last but not least: Have you oldies ever regretted taking the step to medical school?

Thank you in advance for reading! :-) I look forward to your comments and answers!

As a super oldie, I have never regretted studying medicine! It was one of the most beautiful and exciting parts of my life. I worked during my studies, but I was completely free to organize my time. I could not have imagined an expensive part-time job with fixed working hours on the side. Already at the beginning of the seven years thinking and doing is only determined by medicine, everything else distracts you uncomfortably and you have the feeling that valuable learning time is being stolen from you.

But another question: Why doesn't your business administration job fill you up and what do you think would be more fulfilling in the medical profession?

Hey Korolewa!
Has it already worked with a seat in the meantime?
Working alongside your studies definitely works and with your business administration skills you can certainly find a company where you can work in the evenings / on weekends. That is certainly not a problem in front of the waiting room.
If you want to study medicine: do everything in your power. The answer, whether you should try it or not, you gave yourself with your incoming mail, I think :-)

Work on a Big 4 in the audit as a student trainee in the Healthcare segment ...

My ex-girlfriend had done ... It gives quite a lot of money and you can work full-time there during the holidays

I studied business administration in my first degree, also at a vocational academy and then worked for seven years, so a situation comparable to yours. I carried my wish to study medicine with me for a long time, but thought the whole time that I would never have a chance at a second degree . At some point, by chance, I noticed that a BA degree is actually not considered a degree in the sense of a university start (that was as of 2011) and that I was still unstudied, so to speak. With now well over 20 waiting semesters, it was no longer a problem to get a place. :)
When I was 30, I decided to throw everything away and actually study medicine again. Unfortunately, I thought about it half a year too late, because if I had started at 29 I would have received student loans. So I had to think of a different way of financing. This consisted of a student loan from KfW, which ensures survival. In addition, I continued to work in my old job for 40 hours a month. But soon I looked for a job at the hospital, which I've been doing since then. The burden is of course very high, but in retrospect I have to say that's okay, it's also for a good cause: D
Now I'll have my oral state examination in six weeks, so I'm about to be a doctor!
Would i do it again Definitely! In the PY it never felt like I was going to work or studying for a job, it is still like a hobby. :)

Good luck!

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