Where is my USB on Windows 10

Windows USB stick is not recognized - that could be the problem


If your USB stick is not recognized under Windows 10, it can be assumed that the USB stick is defective. There are also two other possible causes: the USB port is defective or the stick is recognized but simply not displayed. Below we will show you how to identify and solve these problems.

Detecting a defective USB port - this is how it works

First insert the USB stick into another USB port on your computer. If the stick is recognized here, then the previously used USB port is probably defective. However, if the stick is not recognized by the new USB port either, you should test the stick on a different computer. If the stick works properly on this computer, the drivers for the USB stick are no longer up-to-date.

How to fix this error:

Press the key combination [Windows]+ [R], to the Run dialog to open. Type the command "devmgmt.msc". Then the Device manager. Under the category, clickUSB controller"right click on"USB mass storage device"and then on"Update driver software".

USB stick is not displayed - here's how to solve the problem

If the letter on the USB stick is already being used by another removable medium or drive, Windows can recognize the stick but not display it. To solve this problem, press the keyboard shortcut first [Windows]+[R]. This opens the Run dialog. Give "diskmgmt.msc"and confirm with"OK". Then the Computer management. Check out the menu item "Disk management". If your USB stick can be seen here, Windows can recognize it, but not display it. Right-click on the data carrier and select"Drive letter and pathYou can now assign a new drive letter to your USB stick. Your USB stick should then work as usual again.