How do Muslims marry

Wedding in Islam

For many Muslims, the wedding before Allah is one of the most important celebrations in their lives. Very important: Before the ceremony and the big party, both partners must declare in front of witnesses that they agree to the marriage. That is sealed in a contract - usually by the imam. The families of the bride and groom must also agree to the contract. Sometimes they brought the couple together, but forced marriages are forbidden in Islam, as in all religions and in most countries in the world today. Forced marriages were introduced a long time ago by powerful citizens who wanted to secure or increase the property, wealth and reputation of their families by marrying their children - even against their will.

At a Muslim wedding, after the contract is signed, prayers are held and all visitors read Surah Al-Fatiha. It is a special sura at the beginning of the Koran and is spoken on different occasions and in every prayer. There is no personal wedding saying.

The bride receives a bridal gift for the wedding. Her name is Mahr. It can be a simple ring, but it can also be a lot of money.

The wedding celebrations in the individual countries are very different from one another. For example, Arab Muslims celebrate very differently than Muslim families from Indonesia or Turkey. For some Muslims, the wedding begins with a henna night, in which the bride is painted beautiful patterns with henna on her hands or feet. In other countries men and women celebrate separately. Everywhere it is very happy and festive and of course there is also a delicious meal.

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