Why do pets like to cuddle

Cuddling with your dog is good for you: Experience the 3 advantages now

Winter time is cuddling time! Gently stroking the fluffy fur of our four-legged friends is healthy for both sides. Spending time together reduces stress and strengthens the immune system, both in humans and in our pets.

Scientists have now found out that not only people but also animals benefit from the cozy closeness. Body contact releases the hormone oxytocin, which in turn inhibits the stress hormone cortisol. While this is vital, too much of it can weaken the immune system.

Cuddling with a dog is healthy

Who doesn't like to cuddle with their dog? But only if your fur nose is ready for a cuddle attack from you, that can promote the health of both of you. If your four-legged friend is bored, the best thing to do is to try again another time. Animals are not always in a cuddle mood and you shouldn't blame them for that either.

Cuddling with a dog is also healthy for our four-legged friends, because eye contact will make it happen with your darling too Hormone oxytocin poured out.

The bond between humans and dogs is strengthened

The released hormone not only strengthens the mutual bond between humans and animals, but also puts a smile on both of you face. Oxytocin will "Love hormone" called, which stimulates the feeling of happiness. Oxytocin is released from the body during social interactions, such as with a mother and her child or a couple in love.

Scientists prove: cuddling with a dog is healthy!

Dogs, like humans, need physical contact to be happy. Dogs are pack animals. When a dog becomes isolated, you expose them to emotional stress.

Children can learn from the dog

Small children learn to pay attention to the sensitivities of others, which is not a matter of course in childhood. Older children can take on small tasks with the dog, such as brushing and combing.

This can A sense of responsibility promoted at an early stage become. In general, children who grow up with dogs develop a very positive relationship with animals and nature. Not only can you put yourself in the shoes of other living beings, but you will also emerge stronger from this special friendship.

Dogs and children also have a lot in common: They approach people openly and authentically, which is why they basically get along well. Many adults lose this trait with age - unfortunately. In addition, dogs and children love to play and romp with each other. Anyone who has ever swum in the lake with their dog will remember this wonderful experience well into old age.

Set limits when cuddling

If your child is cuddling the dog, you should always supervise the situation for safety. You can also set limits for your child, because cuddling should be wanted on both sides. It should also be said that your own four walls are the perfect place for a cuddle attack, while public places, such as the dog sports area, are a rather unsuitable environment. The dog would feel annoyed and react irritably.

Many dogs practice contact lying.

This means that dogs just like to lie next to each other and lightly touch their bodies. In this case it means: Leave your fingers out of the game, because by lying in contact you give your dog security and warmth.