Why does Pixar keep making sequels

Merida 2: Pixar sequel is becoming more and more likely

When filmmakers talk about the bush and use the words “If we can find the right story, then ...”, the eavesdroppers should be set up. Because then in most cases the subtext actually says “we have been working on it for a long time”. Maybe so with Pixars Merida (Brave), which was well received by both audiences and critics (including us) last year. The film even snapped Disney's Wreck-It Ralph (Wreck-It Ralph) the Oscar gone. Mark Andrews, the film's second director who shot it Brenda Chapman replaced, during an interview with Scotsman, suggested the possibility thatMerida 2 (Brave 2) could come.

If we can find the right story, it would be exciting to bring the whole gang back, add some new characters and see what other Scottish talent would like to be part of an animated film. I don't know yet if there will be another part. At Pixar, we don't make films just to be able to turn them into a whole series of films later. (*Throat* At least before Disney took over the place. *End of the editorial staff's throat*) The philosophy at Pixar is simple: if you find the right approach, nothing stands in the way of continuing. In any case, the success and level of awareness of Merida clearly speak for another part. "

Mark Andrews but announced that he is currently working on another, original film project that he is writing and directing. But he wasn't allowed to reveal any more about it.

So it sounds like I will Merida 2 come. since Lee Unkrich at a Berlin screening of Toy Story 3 assured the audience that the Toy Story film series was over with the third part - but only a few weeks (after which the film turned out to be by far the most successful film of the studio) was rowed back - you have to be prepared for anything at Pixar anyway . Since then, as is well known, Cars 2, Monsters University, Finding Dory published resp. announced.

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