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SurnameSophia Loren
Bourgeois nameSofia Villani Scicolone
star signVirgin
place of birthRome (Italy)
size174 cm
marital statuswidowed
Hair colorbrown
Eye colorgreen yellow

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Sophia Loren is an Italian actress who became a world star in the 1960s.

Sophia Loren was born in Rome on September 20, 1934. She grew up in simple circumstances near Naples and worked as a model in her youth. In the "Miss Rome" election, in which she took second place in 1950, she met her future husband, the film producer Carlo Ponti. In the following years she starred in countless Italian films, which made her famous. In 1957 the actress went to the USA to finally work in Hollywood productions. In the same year she played one of the leading roles in "Pride and Passion" alongside Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra.

Various films followed in which Sophia Loren played the leading role. For example "The City of the Lost" (1957) with John Wayne, "Desire under Elms" (1958) with Anthony Perkins or "The Lady and the Killer" (1960) with Anthony Quinn. In 1962 Loren played the leading role in the Italian film "And yet they live", for which she was subsequently awarded an Oscar for best actress. In the 1960s alone, she won eight Bambis and continued to make films, including with Marlon Brando, Clark Gable, Paul Newman and Charlie Chaplin, all of which, with a few exceptions, were extremely successful.

Through the birth of her sons Carlo jr. (* 1968) and Edoardo (* 1973), she stepped down professionally. In the following years she played mainly in Italian productions. In the 80s and 90s, the actress finally withdrew almost entirely from the film business.

In 1991 she received an honorary Oscar for her glamorous career, followed three years later by the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2002 she starred in the drama "Between Strangers", directed by her son Edoardo. In 2007, her husband Carlo Ponti died of pneumonia at the age of 94, whereupon Loren withdrew from the public for a few months to mourn in peace.

In 2010 she made her comeback in Hollywood in the musical film "Nine". The next big film did not follow until ten years later: In "You have life in front of you" (2020), at the age of 86, she played the lead role of Madame Rosa under the direction of her son Edoardo. The film premiered on Netflix.

In 1966 Sophia Loren, her husband Carlo Ponti and his ex-wife Giuliana Fiastri took on French citizenship. The reason: Ponti's divorce from Fiastri was not recognized in Catholic Italy, so his marriage to Loren in 1957 was legally annulled in 1962. Due to the official divorce in France, the couple were considered legally married in Italy from April 9, 1966.

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