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Football result predictions using data mining

Our standard software product Data.Mining.Fox® makes data mining easy for you. This data mining software tool differs from other data mining software products in that it hides all complex aspects of data mining in the background and, with our simple user interface, enables you to face analytical challenges with ease to master. You do not need any previous knowledge - you do not have to be a statistics, mathematics or data mining expert to use our software product successfully!

The concept of Easy.Data.Mining is called: data mining made easy! Our concern is your profit. That is why our motto is “From Data To Success.” - “From Data to Success.” Very simple.

Our easy-to-use data mining software Data.Mining.Fox is perfectly tailored to data analysis for SMEs (small and medium-sized companies) with an excellent price-performance ratio. Data.Mining.Fox can of course also be used in large companies, as the software can easily process large amounts of data with high performance. Play an oracle: with the help of Data.Mining.Fox you can discover hidden, non-trivial patterns / clusters in your database, create a scoring of customers, products or other interesting dimensions, and secure important competitive advantages!

Easy.Data.Mining is a reference in the field of data mining for ease of use, low investment costs, efficiency, rapid generation of added value / EVA (Economic Value Added) and ROI (Return On Investment). Convince yourself today and download our free version of Data.Mining.Fox to your computer in the download area! On request, we can of course also offer you our advice in the form of consulting days.

In addition to the simplicity of our data mining tool, the following product properties and features are particularly important: multivariate decision trees with intelligent inclusion of genetic algorithms; Analyzes and forecasts / predictions; the user does not need to have a deep knowledge of statistics in order to make a pre-selection of an algorithm (neural networks, etc.); Data conversion aids for data correction as well as automatic test routines for limited data quality are part of the program; also a monetary profit and loss matrix; Gain charts; Classification & regression; Pattern / cluster recognition; Validation through cross comparisons; Over-fitting protection mechanisms; Confidence intervals; large amounts of input data; Export possibilities; Mathematics in the calculation kernel based on Fortran; Application in Java is platform-independent (Windows, Linux, Macintosh); no special DWH (data warehouse) or BI (business intelligence) requirements necessary; user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface); optimized computing times; no high system requirements; simple data formats.

The simple data mining solution from Easy.Data.Mining is available in different license models. In this way, each of our customers can find a favorable offer for them, which at low costs quickly contributes to an increase in profit and / or to savings by reducing (opportunity) costs. Easy.Data.Mining helps you promote healthy growth by developing your strengths.

Our data mining software can be used in almost all areas of companies as well as in all industries and sectors. In the recent past, the company areas Marketing (online and offline), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Sales, Finance, Accounting and Controlling, QA (Quality Assurance) / Quality Management / Six Sigma have emerged as areas of application. However, Easy.Data.Mining also recommends further use in future topics such as BI (Business Intelligence), BPM (Business Performance Management), BSC (Balanced ScoreCard), Econometrics. When it comes to the question of economic sectors, there are no limits to the area of ​​application in terms of trade and industry. Our data mining software Data.Mining.Fox is perfectly tailored for classic problems and challenges in countless areas such as banking, insurance, logistics & forwarding, automotive, mobile communications & telecommunications, retail; But Data.Mining.Fox is also ideally equipped for business models that seem unusual at first glance, such as media, market research, dating & matchmaking, SEM & SEO agencies, medicine or pharmaceuticals and helps you to generate sustainable added value.

Easy.Data.Mining supports colleges and universities in particular. Just contact us if you would like to use Data.Mining.Fox in this environment. Whether to support lectures, for research or to do better at the next competition cup for students.


Data.Mining.Fox® (DMF) was developed in a way that should relieve the user of everything that he does not really have to be able to determine himself.

Find out more here and get deeper insights regarding: used mathematical computing core, degree of focus on graphic elements, required working memory, computing times, requirements for data formats and required user knowledge:

Mathematical calculation kernel:
Data.Mining.Fox® (DMF) is software based on mathematical algorithms that use a combination of support vector machines, multi-variate decision trees, genetic algorithms and linear regression. The calculation kernel calculates very good and robust forecast models. The selection of algorithms and parameters is fully automated. This in turn makes it possible that the user interface can be operated by almost anyone.

GUI (graphical user interface):
The graphical user interface is designed in the "wizard format". The screen is split into an upper and a lower part, with the upper part containing the actual data mining software functionalities and the lower part containing the associated documentation. The user interface is never cluttered and the program is well structured so that the user is only ever confronted with a manageable number of options.

Required RAM:
Data.Mining.Fox® manages with the main memory of a modern computer, regardless of the size of the table with which a forecast model is created. However, the need for hard disk space increases proportionally to the table size. Since there is plenty of hard drive space available today, data mining with Data.Mining.Fox® can be carried out on common computers.

Computing time:
Building the predictive model is computationally intensive, but predictions from a predictive model are calculated in seconds. A forecast model only needs to be created once, after which it can be used to quickly calculate any number of forecasts. Pattern recognition using a predictive model is also very fast.

As an example: The creation of a prediction model from the data of a table with 5,000 records and 10 columns takes a few minutes on a modern PC with Data.Mining.Fox®. For a table with 100,000 records and 100 columns, it typically takes an hour or two. These are just rough values ​​to give an idea of ​​the time needed. However, the exact time it takes to create a model depends very much on the data itself. If there are many correlations in the data, it tends to take longer.

Data formats and architecture:
The only requirement for data mining is that the data is available in the simplest form, i.e. in the form of a simple csv export, which in turn can be easily obtained from all conceivable data sources. On this basis, the actual data mining with Data.Mining.Fox® can then be carried out quickly and reliably. Data.Mining.Fox® can then write back the results of the analyzes in additional columns of such a table.

From the previous section, of course, it also follows that Data.Mining.Fox® does not require a DWH or BI reporting solution - and certainly not from a specific manufacturer. Our system runs platform-independently on Windows or Linux.

Required user skills:
Most software tools for data mining require a significant statistical / data mining knowledge on the part of the user. Thus, when using data mining in practice, most providers have to take into account considerable hidden costs, which are caused by the long training periods required for the software.

Our Data.Mining.Fox® software clearly stands out from the competition in that it is actually easy to use. While conventional data mining products are usually. can only be operated by staff with extensive statistics and data mining knowledge, Data.Mining.Fox® can in principle be used by any user with a healthy understanding of numbers. Based on a new mathematical process, Data.Mining.Fox® also reliably detects hidden relationships in the data and thus provides the best predictions. The selection of the suitable algorithm and the setting of all parameters are fully automated.

Software functions:

Our Data.Mining.Fox® (DMF) software for Windows, Linux and Apple Macintosh has numerous important product functions.

Core functionalities and properties of Data.Mining.Fox® - a definite 'extra' of functions compared to conventional statistical programs:

[+] multivariate (ex post) analyzes
[+] valid (ex ante) forecasts
[+] unlimited number of records and attributes
[+] ease of use for the user
[+] The user does not need to make his own preselection of the most suitable algorithm
[+] automatic data correction & data checking routines
[+] integrated help area for all program pages
[+] Data conversion routines
[+] Classification and regression
[+] Clustering / pattern recognition
[+] built-in monetary profit and loss matrix
[+] Gain charts for evaluating the percentage of information gained
[+] automatic protection against over-fitting
[+] Confidence intervals for results
[+] graphical representation of attribute distributions in clusters versus the total amount
[+] Storage of attribute combinations for various calculations
[+] Export of attribute relevance for all calculated clusters
[+] Self-cross comparisons for a priori validation of prediction models
[+] Cross comparisons for the validation of third-party models
[+] Processing of numeric and non-numeric values
[+] automatic processing of nominal, ordinal and cardinal attributes
[+] Platform independence (Windows, Linux, Apple Macintosh)
[+] few architectural requirements - especially no requirement for a DWH (data warehouse) or an existing business intelligence reporting system
[+] high-performance computing times
[+] Answering 'open questions' which cannot be answered by normal RDB (Relational DataBase) analyzes
[+] rapid ROI generation


“Data.Mining.Fox® helps me hidden connections can be found quickly and reliably in our test data and the Experimental data automatically into meaningful template to group. "(Reference from: Dr. A.M. - research assistant at a renowned university)

“Typically, data mining involves making a number of settings and choosing appropriate algorithms that are believed to be appropriate for a specific task. DMF (Data.Mining.Fox®) differs in this respect, because the software automatically searches for the right settings and algorithms for a given task - without having to determine this yourself. "(Reference from: K.T. - consultant and author)

“People are different - naturally also in relation to what our company has to offer. Therefore our customers are entitled to a service that is tailored to them and their requirements. The differentiated customer group patterns, which we have determined with Data.Mining.Fox®, help us to meet these demands and the Customer satisfaction to increase. "(Reference from: S.K. - Business Intelligence Analyst of a successful online dating company)

"More personal Support, individual approach, Responding to specific needs - Easy.Data.Mining ™ convinced me! "(Reference from: Dr. T.H. - consultant, among others for one of the world's largest automotive groups)

“Due to our business model, we naturally have a lot of (anonymized) data from our customers. In contrast to conventional statistical software, we can do this with such Bulk data With the Data.Mining.Fox® you can find out which ones are much faster and more valid Driver attributes for which Customer segments are really crucial - and we can therefore serve our customers even better match suggestions offer. "(Reference by: V.N. - Business Intelligence Analyst one of the world's largest match makers)

Great tool: Easy.Data.Mining ™: data mining very simple - free of charge Software download. "
(Reference from: T.P. - successful internet entrepreneur)