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There are windows with so-called "forced fans", but these can be locked. Sense and purpose? Well, first you build a hermetically airtight hut, build in absolutely airtight windows, and then realize that you are stewing in your own juice.
These forced fans cannot replace conventional push ventilation.
The problem with the latest generation of windows is that they are absolutely airtight. This is of course an advantage from an energetic point of view, but the lack of air exchange, as with previously leaky windows, leads to the formation of mold in the apartment. That is why modern windows are provided with a ventilation slot that closes automatically in strong winds.
I also thought at first, but if you replace old windows, then they were usually not completely airtight, if you buy new ones now, they should have a slot, which is only very minimal and ensures the exchange of damp and stale air , you actually save energy and don't give mold a chance.
Sorry Mikeer, but you are turning physics upside down, including your previous experience with these ventilation slots
Philipp Engel
so in the case of windows with ventilation slots the slots are in fact always open, but they are usually behind a cover so that they cannot be seen. the ventilation is quite good for the indoor climate (especially humidity), especially if the window has been closed for a longer period of time. the convection and the heat loss through the slots are limited.
There are 2 variants:
1. Lockable sound-absorbing ventilators, which are installed in living rooms near windows in the vicinity of traffic routes or other permanent sources of noise. These provide e.g. fresh air at night (in the bedroom or children's room) without the window having to be opened. Fresh air comes in, noise stays outside, if it's too cold, I close the thing!

2. Ventilation slots in the seals, also called rebate fans, with non-return flaps. These open when there is negative pressure (after switching on the kitchen exhaust air or venting an internal bathroom or toilet. Because of the tight construction, this makes sense, where else should the air flow, which the fans lead to the outside. This would then come in an uncontrolled manner, e.g. through the belt outlets of the Roller shutter boxes.