Can foreigners also be Nazis?

Anyone who injures someone, damages someone else's property or insults others is liable to prosecution. Because a peaceful coexistence is not possible if you do not respect the others or at least leave them alone. Human dignity is paramount.

Despite our history, there are still people who like the Nazis and who adore Adolf Hitler. But nobody is punished for thinking racially. In contrast to the time of National Socialism, thoughts and opinions are free.

It is forbidden to publicly display one's Nazi sentiments. And mostly regardless of whether a person wants to achieve political goals with them or, for example, carving a swastika into the train wagon out of boredom.

Anyone who sprays "Turks out" on the facade of a Turkish association will be punished for damage to property. But: The courts also check what the perpetrators wanted to achieve with it. The worse these goals are, the higher the penalty will be. In this way, sprayers will certainly receive a bigger lesson than those who scribble the name of their football club on the wall as a test of courage. But both are punished.

People of different faiths and worldviews, German nationals, foreigners and minorities should be able to live together peacefully. In order to achieve this, the legislature specifically fights the right-wing extremists in public and does not tolerate any glorification of National Socialism.

For this reason, both the slogans and organizations of the Nazi era and their successors that rely on or incite hatred and violence are forbidden. Because whoever thinks there is "life not worth living" does not respect human dignity. Anyone who portrays the acts of the Nazis, such as the murder of six million Jews, as an invention is a case for the public prosecutor.

When rights are marched, the police are usually on site anyway and pay attention to special regulations in the assembly and association laws. Therefore, crime is less of a problem in this context. Nevertheless, it is clear: anyone who observes something at a right-wing rally should inform the police. What happens in everyday life is more problematic: racist slogans, trivializing crimes, inciting, attacking and mobbing. Here you need people who look and act!

The right, however, is well organized. They have their lawyers telling them what will and will not be punished. Anyone who wants to do something against them should therefore also know the laws - and appropriate strategies for what can be done. This website will primarily present laws that are less known to the general public. It is not so important to know exactly which paragraphs violate your rights. Lawyers know that much better, and that's their job too. They can only do that if observers report an act.