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Sony withdraws: Xperia phones about to go out?

It's not easy for Sony in the smartphone market. The Japanese company tries again and again to convince with new cell phones, but the poor sales figures speak for themselves. Now Sony is responding and backing down again.

Sony phones are no longer available directly from the manufacturer

Sony has always sold its own products via its own website. This is over with the Xperia phones. Almost unnoticed, the Japanese company has removed the option to buy smartphones from the website and now only refers to other dealers. This also applies to the German side. All cell phones are only available there with reference to other dealers. Although you can still find information about the Xperia smartphones on the Sony site - but you can no longer buy them directly, Xperia Blog discovered.

Instead of selling the Xperia phones themselves, Sony prefers to refer to cell phone operators or large retailers. In doing so, the company is reducing part of the company that has to do with smartphones. Major changes have been made in the past. But none of this changes the basic problem. The Xperia phones just don't sell well anymore and Sony currently has no magic formula to change that.

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A Sony smartphone would change a lot:

Sony Xperia 1 II is coming late and getting expensive

The recently introduced Sony Xperia 1 II has been technically upgraded and now comes with a 5G modem, but at 1,199 euros it also costs a lot and should not appear until sometime in the 2nd quarter of 2020.

So Sony continues to announce phones that appear several months after the launch. This is also a big problem that has not yet been resolved. If you consider that Samsung, Huawei and even Apple offer cheaper and sometimes better cell phones, then the new top cell phone looks a bit out of date. We will continue to monitor the situation around Sony and the Xperia phones.