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24 Perfect Bodybuilding Gifts For Your Gym Friend (Under $ 50)

The holidays are coming, and maybe this is the time for you Gym buddyThanks for the last year of training.

Because we understand that, we've listed 24 perfect gifts for your fitness buddy below. In addition, they are all under € 50. Help your buddy get off to a good start into 2017!


The perfect bodybuilding gifts for your gym friend

It's always nice when you've found a good training partner and / or spotter. Someone who will motivate you and make sure that you can give a little more while exercising.

The gifts below for men and women show how happy you are with your buddy.

1. Nice stretch t-shirt - € 19.95

Your fitness buddy has always worked out with you over the past year. Weather or no weather, you have always set goals and achieved them together. Your buddy can show these results well in this beautiful stretch t-shirt from XXL. Maybe a nice team jersey?

You can order the t-shirt in white and black here.

2. A practical bag for all meals - € 49.95

From now on, your fitness buddy can have his meals anytime and anywhere in this handy bag, chilled (or hot). In addition to compartments for meals, the bag also has practical compartments for drinking bottles. In this way, he / she never has to carry different and awkward bags again.

You can do order this bag here.

3. Pushups - € 19.95

Do you go to the gym a lot, but does your buddy also enjoy exercising at home or on vacation? With this mobile phone push-up he / she can also be good at home to train chest, shoulders and triceps. The stands ensure that there is less pressure on the wrists and forearms during the exercises.

You can do order these booths here.

4. Legging training - € 29.95

Does your training partner deserve to look good in the gym too? These fine leggings from XXL ensure that you will definitely stand out.

For these or other cute leggings for your gym friend, click here.

5. Golden Shaker - € 4.95

Is Your Gym Friend Gold? Show that off with this cool golden shaker! The shaker has a capacity of 1000 ml and is completely free from toxic DEHP and BPA substances. Completely Safe! There is also a special spring grid that ensures that the supplements are optimally mixed. Who does not want that?

Order this fun shaker for your golden partner here.

6. Protein bar for the real connoisseur - € 23.95

Protein bars are a welcome change from protein shakes and contain no less than 20 grams of protein per bar. These delicious bars are for real foodies. There are different flavors: Chocolate & Caramel, Chocolate & Coconut and Cookies & Cream.

Is your fitness buddy such a real gourmet? You can order a box with 18 bars here.

7. Beach towel - € 19.95

Does your fitness buddy deserve to relax and lie on the beach too? What do you think of this beach towel? The sheet is 100x200cm and is made of 100% wonderfully soft cotton.

You order this beach towel here.

8. Whey Delicious sample package - € 13.95

Can't your fitness buddy choose between the different flavors for his / her protein shake? With this test package, your partner receives a package with at least 15 different flavors. Never again a discussion about the most delicious taste!

You can order the test package here (sample pack 15 × 30 grams).

9. Cool snapbacks - € 19.95

Do you have a high cap from your training partner? Thank him or her with a cool snapback! The snapbacks are available in different colors and are equally suitable for men and women.

You order these snapbacks here.

10. The End Boss bottle 2.2L - € 6.95

Is your gym friend the gym boss? Then he cannot do without this last bottle with a capacity of no less than 2.2 liters! That way, your gym buddy never has to go back and forth to replenish himself. The bottle comes in many different colors so the right color for your buddy is undoubtedly in between. The bottle has a sturdy handle and a metal screw cap.

Order this fine water bottle here.

11. Tank top for the hardcore bodybuilder - € 14.95

Does your buddy work out in worn t-shirts and tank tops that he actually can't? With this tank top for the hardcore bodybuilder, he will look great again in the gym! In addition, the tank top is just great and ideal for training.

You order here.

12 Goody bag for those who cannot choose (only available for Christmas) - € 9.95

Not sure what to give your gym friend? How about this funny one? Goody bag? Everyone Goody bag is filled with fun, tasty and responsible products.

De Goody bag is available in pink and black and can be ordered here.

13. 'Athlete' kimono - € 14.95

Will your gym friend be competing next year? Then this kimono is very useful. It's also fun to wear at home. The kimonos are available in black and pink.One size for everyone.

Order this fun kimono here and surprise your gym friend.

14. XXL Power Tower for additions - € 3.95

This handy tower consists of three containers in which you can easily take your nutritional supplements with you. No more hassle with bags and powders running around in your pocket. It's also easy to take smaller amounts of supplements during a weekend trip or vacation.

You order this power tower here.

15. 'Bigger is better' training belt - € 14.95

May Your Gym Friend Need Extra Help? This training belt offers the back additional support. This is useful when performing deadlifts and squats, among other things.

You order this belt here. On the order page you can see the sizes in combination with the waist circumference. So, knowing your fitness buddy’s waist size comes in handy.

16. XXL sports bag - € 14.95

Are the wires hanging on your sports friend's sports bag? Or the question always arises whether the bottle can be added in your pocket? This handy sports bag offers a solution! Everything fits in the bag (sneakers, shake cups, etc.) and the practical side pockets are neatly stowed away.

You order this bag here.

17 delicious fat-free and sugar-free sauces - € 8

These sauces are fat-free, sugar-free and contain less than 5 kcal per serving! In this pack you will find eight delicious sauces that your fitness buddy will definitely not say no to. These sauces round off the meal and give it that certain something.

System here jouweight pack.

18th pancake party - € 22.95

Does your fitness buddy love pancakes? Then this combination is definitely recommended. This combination contains 1000 grams or 2500 grams Delicious pancakes, calorie-free Original pancake syrup en Perfect cooking spray. So the complete package.

You order here.

19. Warm hat for the cold winter days - € 9.95

Winter is coming and of course your fitness buddy could use a warm head. On the front is the XXL logo and on the back isbigger is better for motivation.

Click here to order the hat.

20. Muscle & Fitness Magazine - € 3.50

Could your fitness buddy use some motivation and additional information? The Muscle & Fitness magazine is fun and interesting for every fanatic strength athlete. The articles are about nutrition, bodybuilding and fitness.

Order the magazine here.

21. Training glove for more grip - € 14.95

These practical training gloves offer additional support during training. It ensures that your grip strength doesn't affect your overall muscle strength. In addition, gloves offer additional protection and reinforcement during training.

You can order these gloves to wear here.

22. Scales - € 14.95

Is your fitness buddy always busy measuring measuring spoons and do they regularly disappear at the bottom of the powder cans? Then this scale offers a solution. Easily weigh your supplements and food. The scale weighs up to 1 gram and is easy to clean thanks to the smooth surface.

You can use this scale to order here.

23. Aesthetic Jogger - € 29.95

Can your fitness buddy wear nice pants during and after a workout? This gray aesthetic jogger could be for him! It's a very comfortable pair of pants that you won't want to take off again.

Click here to order the pants.

24. Gift voucher XXL - € 20

Can't you choose between the different gifts? Or don't you know what makes your fitness buddy happy? Then give him a gift certificate. The voucher is available in € 5, € 10, € 20 and € 50 and can be exchanged for an order at XXL.

Would you like to order a voucher? Then click here.


Giving presents for Christmas is always fun. Surprise your fitness buddy with a nice bodybuilding gift. You've trained hard all year round and probably wouldn't have come as far as it does now without him / her.

Having a good workout partner can make a huge difference. In most cases, you will also have a good observer to monitor that you are doing your exercises properly. It is often difficult for yourself to see.

These people are nice so they could use a bodybuilding gift!


Which of the above bodybuilding gifts will you keep your fitness buddy happy with?And why does he / she deserve such a beautiful gift?

Share it in the comments!