How to draw with watercolor pencils

Paint with watercolor pencils


Watercolor pencils are versatile: you can paint great watercolor pictures with them or use them like regular colored pencils. That is precisely why they are also the perfect companion for the transition from drawing to painting. They are a great investment if you would like to try watercolor painting but are not sure whether you will paint permanently.

Techniques: how to use watercolor pencils

If we want to use watercolor pencils in conjunction with water, the best choice is watercolor paper. On this paper, we can fully utilize the strengths of the pens and do not have to worry about paper that is dissolving or curling. If we want to use the watercolor pencils like colored pencils, normal drawing paper is sufficient.

Draw dry and paint with water

With this technique, you first draw with the watercolor pencils and then use a brush to paint clear water over the surfaces. The color pigments dissolve directly on contact with water and can be wonderfully guided with a brush.

Draw on wet paper with the dry pen

Here arises Not the typically gentle flow of color pigments that is known from watercolor painting. Depending on the picture, the technology can still be very useful.

First you moisten the paper with clear water and then draw over it with the dry pen. The color pigments are released from the pencil in a high concentration. If you press the pen harder on the paper, you can even see the lines.

Depending on the watercolor paper, the structure of the paper can be clearly recognized with this technique. If you don't want this, we recommend watercolor paper with a smooth surface.

Immerse the pen tip in water

The brief contact with the water softens the pen tip and enables the color pigments to be applied to the paper in a high concentration. The color does not run on dry paper, which is why this technique is also applied to the dry on dryTechnique of watercolor painting with a brush remembered.

Since the pen cannot hold water, it has to be dipped into the water again and again and, in contrast to other techniques, wears out faster.

Draw with watercolor pencils as you would with colored pencils

The color pigments of watercolor pencils shine more strongly in combination with water, but they can still be used like colored pencils.

The big advantage here is that you can always edit the drawing with water at a later point in time.

Likewise, when drawing with watercolor pencils, you have to be even more careful that no liquid is accidentally spilled over it.

More tips for painting with watercolor pencils

  • Make the preliminary drawing disappear:
    If you draw your preliminary drawing with watercolor pencils in suitable colors, you can make them disappear completely while painting.
  • Work out details:
    It is not easy to paint details with a brush, so you can use a watercolor pencil and work in the details, for example, with a damp but sharpened pen tip.

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