How can I know about new things

Translation of "know about" in English

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know aware


I want over every penny To know.
I want to know every nickel he's got.
So Yussef should be about that To know.
So that's what they wanted Yussef to know.
With this we could improve our structures, because if we come across real or supposed grievances To know, it is also possible for us as MEPs to intervene appropriately.
This would help us to improve our structures because, in actual fact, if we are aware of real or alleged malfunctions, we will be able, not least as Members of the European Parliament, to take appropriate measures to address them.
Before we talk about guns, you should be about something more important To know.
Before we discuss weaponry, there is a more urgent matter you should be aware of.
The EU should also be aware of the health care situation To know.
The EU should also be informed of the situation with regard to health care.
Just so much that we To know.
It only requests that we talk about quality and content To know.
All it requires is that we know about quality and content.
The users should come across some problems To know.
Some issues users should know about.
This is very unfortunate because industry has to think about its future To know.
That is regrettable because the industry needs to know its future.
People want about the political background To knowand we should therefore be involved.
People want to know the political background, and we should therefore be involved.
No unnecessary delays, every farmer wants to know the exact content of his cattle feed To know.
No unnecessary delays; every farmer wants to know the exact content of their animal feed.
Investors need to To know and businesses shouldn't jeopardize their reputations.
Investors need to know and companies should not gamble with their reputations.
The doctor, he has to To know.
Something has happened, you have to know about it To know.
I dont know if I should be telling you this now.
I have to go through these things To know.
I need to know about these things.
Because I think people should be about it To know.
'Cause I think people ought to know about it.
You should be about us To know.
Yes. -No. They need to know about us.
If anything happens - someone has to To know.
In case of something happens, I need someone to know.
If you talk about something, you should To know.
To speak well on a topic, one must know it.
Well, I just find you To know should.
Well, I'm just ... concerned that you should be aware.
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