How fit are fallen runners

Running training for beginners

In times of Corona, running is one of the few sports that you can practice with almost no restrictions. Jogging is the best way to keep your body and mind fit, especially when there is no movement in the home office. So: Get your running shoes out. This is how you start your running training.

You surely know that: Since the corona restrictions came into force, you have been missing a few steps on the pedometer almost every day. The reason: the dear home office. On the one hand, it is very comfortable because you don't have to spend time commuting to work. On the other hand, it's amazing how much movement the many short walks through the company to the offices of colleagues and the coffee machine ensure. The result: basic fitness suffers enormously due to the lack of movement. A way to stay fit in the home office and get your body (and mind) going? Of course: go for a run!

Running creates structure in everyday life

Jogging is particularly suitable for beginners. Firstly: Apart from a pair of running shoes and suitable clothes, you can run without any technical equipment, devices or premises. And secondly: You can run alone or as a couple, anytime and anywhere. But that is exactly what makes it so difficult for many of us to go running. The weaker self is usually not a fresh air fanatic. But it pays to be consistent with yourself: Regular running laps create a daily or weekly routine and thus structure that is omitted in many other areas.

Try it out and stay tuned

For those interested in running or those who have not been running so far, it is important to set appointments and start with twenty to thirty-minute quick walking laps. Depending on your fitness, you can also see whether you can easily trot and run for a few minutes. This shallow entry prevents overexertion and still ensures a good mood, because running reduces the release of stress hormones and clears your head. The great thing about regular short runs is the noticeable training effect: You will quickly notice that things are going better every time and that you feel fitter. Now it's time to stay tuned!

When and where is the best time to run?

It all depends on your type and the environment in which you live. Many home office nomads currently prefer to walk around the block in the morning before they start working in the home office. Others use the lunch break or the early afternoon to clear their heads. By no longer commuting, most of them also have the opportunity to “get out” earlier in the afternoon and use this for a run. If you also have a park, forest or maybe even a mountain nearby, these can be used perfectly for a run in nature. Then the run becomes a vacation for the soul and promotes mental strength.

How can I motivate myself to run?

To get started, the hurdle to motivate yourself is certainly the greatest. But the success of a slow start with short and regular rounds will quickly become noticeable. And so you usually soon feel good about running and you will automatically become a repeat offender - especially if you plan and carry out the initial laps together with another newcomer to running. So you can improve together from time to time and also push something. It is also helpful to set goals that you can work towards. There are currently no fun runs, but they will most likely take place again at some point. Running events with distances of 5 kilometers over 10 kilometers up to marathons for amateur runners take place all over the country throughout the year. And such a fun run is very well suited as a motivational target for regular running training. Simply create a small training plan that ends with your participation in the running event.

Another tip: Little technical helper

Another great motivational tool is a fitness tracker or pedometer, which you can use to keep track of what you did when and how active you were. A nice side effect of tracking is that you can see straight away how much you have already improved through regular training runs. Because it really works a lot faster than you think - if you stay on the ball. And so you can easily (again) achieve your individual step goal by the end of the day.

Christian Fink | Project management | TERRITORY Content to Results GmbH | Gütersloh was a passionate long-distance runner even before he started working from home. After late evening runs, he often ends up at the desk with fresh thoughts.