What makes a great Purim costume

Mr Cobretti, as a DJ you are organizing the Purim party “Carnival de Purim” in Berlin for the third time in a row. What does Jewish tradition mean to you?
While studying history in Tel Aviv, my professor asked us a question: Is there a Jewish culture outside of the Jewish religion?

And what was your conclusion?
My answer to this is clear: yes. The Jewish tradition stems from numerous cultural aspects of the Jewish people that are not always directly related to religion. One can also say that one can practice the Jewish tradition without observing the strict religious restrictions.

Like the people who come to your Purim party?
Almost all Jews I know celebrate most of the Jewish holidays and, like me, have a very relaxed attitude towards it.

The celebration takes place in a Kreuzberg club. How much Purim is left besides the party?
In Israel, too, there isn't much left for the adults of Purim - apart from the party.

What memories do you associate with Purim?
As a child it is of course nice to put on a costume and go to daycare or school with it. As an adult in Tel Aviv, I have very fond memories of the huge Purim street festivals, where everyone is just happy and relaxed. This is the third time I'm trying to "import" this atmosphere and this experience to Berlin.

How do Purim festivals in Berlin differ from celebrations in Israel?
Well, one should get drunk on Purim - in Israel preferably with the great Israeli schnapps »Tubi 60«. You can easily order it from anywhere, but unfortunately you can't find it here in Berlin. However, the distillery gave us 14 bottles for the party - with them we will toast to Purim together with our colorfully dressed guests and remember the rescue of the Persian Jews.

Are only Jewish guests welcome to the party?
No way. All tolerant people are invited to the party, including a group of Syrian refugees. We do not believe in "prescribed enmities". A friend of mine from Tel Aviv even travels especially to look after the group and translate from Arabic for us.

Are there any popular costumes that are there every year?
A nice Israeli told us that his Pope costume has always been very well received at the last two parties. This year we also made it clear that we wanted to find a Donald Trump in the audience. The one with the best costume gets a few free drinks from us!

During the day you write your doctoral thesis, at night you put on music under the pseudonym "Marion Cobretti" and organize parties. How does that fit together?
As a rule, I don't spend more than two nights a week partying and hanging up. However, the doctoral thesis is certainly progressing more slowly than it should. And when I was teaching at the University of Potsdam two years ago, I was always afraid that my students would recognize me when I hung up.

Jakob Mühle spoke to the organizer of the “Carnival de Purim”.

»Marion Cobretti« comes from Tel Aviv and lives in Berlin. Under his stage name he acts as a DJ, taught Jewish history in Potsdam undisguised and is writing his doctoral thesis. Carnival de Purim, March 26th, Ritter Butzke, Ritterstraße 26