Is Odell Beckham related to David Beckham

Odell Beckham in Munich | What is the football star doing at Bayern training?

Super catcher meets super kicker!

Football star Odell Beckham Jr. (23) from the New York Giants played with Bayern on Säbener Strasse yesterday. The NFL professional had a lot of fun with David Alaba (24).

The Ösi to BILD: I also had a lot of fun with Odell. A super funny guy. It's amazing what he catches in the NFL. I totally celebrate this guy!

Beckham Jr. (not related to ex-soccer player David) has already been named the best catcher in history by US experts. Specialty: his one-handed catch.

Alaba learned quickly yesterday, caught a pass from Beckham Jr. - followed by somersault cheers. A fun introduction to the preparation after a messed up EM with Austria. Alaba was back in training yesterday, the first day after his vacation, after running 45 minutes with the team.

Beckham Jr. to BILD: “David is one of the superstars in football. It's fascinating to meet guys like that. And it's an honor to be here and see how people work here. "

The wide receiver dueled Xabi Alonso (34) in free-kick shooting and holding up the ball. Beckham Jr. shone on both feet. There was also applause from Javi Martinez (27) and joker Franck Ribéry (33).

Beckham's visit to Bavaria - really a big hit!