Can we go on a diet without starving?

Lose weight without hunger: 5 rules for success

Do you want to lose a few pounds but don't feel like starving? Then we have good news for you: If you want to lose weight, you don't have to torment yourself! On the contrary - only those who eat right will lose their pounds in the long term!

Rule: Never lose weight by starving

When losing weight, most people think of restrictions, abstinence and - hunger! But if you are of the opinion that you can only lose weight with as little food as possible, you are wrong! In fact, you even take better off when you eat your fill and not hungry!

That's because your body is at a very high level low calorie intake in the Economy mode moves. Every nutrient is meticulously managed in this state. Stores carbohydrates and fats the body then mostly directato endure the hunger season longer. If you eat more at some point, the nasty one will do you Jojo effect a line through the bill. In order to prepare for the next phase of hunger, your body then changes almost all of them absorbed nutrients in the body's own fats around. These will later land directly on your hips again! So - starving yourself to lose weight is not a good idea!

Rule: Know your calorie needs

So if you want to lose weight without being hungry, the first step is to calculate your calorie requirement and to keep it! Your Calorie requirement is in turn yours Calorie consumption and personal goal dependent.

Everyone has one individual calorie consumption. This is influenced by various factors, such as yours gender, yours height and how active you throughout the day are. Depending on whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or simply want to live more healthily, you then match your calorie requirements to your consumption.

For example, your body uses 2,000 calories a day. Around to decrease, you have to go Calorie deficit walk. So eat less than the previously calculated 2,000 calories. If you eat exactly 2,000 calories, your weight will stay the same. Do you want something Put on weight, is a Excess calories necessary. In this case, you need to take in more calories than you are consuming. In our calorie calculator you can find out how high your Calorie requirementis.

Our tip: In addition to the amount of calories, choosing the right food is also crucial. Our free body check will help you and give you nutrition tips that will help you lose weight without being hungry. So that you are guaranteed to make it!

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Rule: change in diet instead of diet

Are there diets without starvation? Yes! Because the best diet is still that Diet change. A healthy and balanced nutrition should always be the base. Balanced means that you neither go hungry nor do without anything have to! Sometimes chocolate or a pizza won't make you fat. Neither does a salad or a protein shake make you thin. One matching guide on the subject can be found in our Article about a successful change in diet. Healthy weight loss without a diet is not only possible, but also makes sense!

And hand on heart - what is the likelihood that you will never be candy or junk food again? Pretty little, isn't it? And that's totally okay too. Because Comfy food sometimes has to be and is easy good for the soul! But as with everything, the same applies here - in moderation, not in masses! The suitable snacks for in between You can find weight loss without hunger in our snack bar. How about one, for example schocolate protein bar with almonds or a fruity one Paleo bars?

Rule: Distinguish between hunger and appetite

Not the food when you are hungry, but from Boredom or appetite, ensures that the pants fit tighter again. So always ask yourself whether you are hungry or really hungry. If you are hungry, of course you can eat something! Often, however, we only eat out of routine. This of course includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between a piece of cake with colleagues little chocolate at work and in the evening on the couch Glass of wine. That’s all extra caloriesthat often just fall down the back. And when we go to the scales we wonder why we keep gaining weight instead of losing weight.

Losing weight without hunger also means to consciously differentiate between real hunger and pure appetite. Eating a bag of chips on the sofa every evening because you don't want to forbid anything and still expect your pants to close again doesn't work. But if you still have a night on the couch bit of hunger you can of course get another one Eat a little something. Think about it then necessarily the chips must be or an apple is enough.

Rule: Find your personal path

You want to lose weight without hunger and without complicated nutrition plans? Then always be honest with yourself. This is the only way to find a diet that suits you. That means: turning a blind eye to bad eating habits will help you just as little as convincing yourself that from now on you will just like salad! Rather, you have to your personal middle ground Find between all of that "Bad things"you like to eat and the "Good food". This can sometimes take a while.

Surely you have to do one thing or the other Trying out foods. Test new recipes. And now and then one too forego tempting sweets. Maybe it's time to start exercising. Or if you're already training new challenges to search. And to master.

What is the best filler?

Above all, the right foods will help you lose weight without being hungry. Instead of eating “empty” calories, grab them instead nutrient-rich things. The best way to fill yourself up is to get full high quality carbohydrates and proteins. But healthy fats shouldn't be neglected either.

Carbohydrates - Wheat Versus Whole Grains

If you are looking for foods that will fill you up for a long time, then you should Stay away from wheat flour products. They mostly consist of short chain carbohydrates, so single and double sugar. They are mostly found in wheat flour products and confectionery. They make our blood sugar curve rise sharply and also quickly fall again. So you are wide awake for a moment and full of energy, but already hungry again after a short time.

Long chain carbohydrates however, hold you full longer. These are so-called multiple sugars. Your body needs a little longer to fully utilize them. They also contain important ones Vitamins, trace elements and minerals. You can find long-chain carbohydrates in all of them Whole grain products and certain types of grain like bulgur or crunchy oatmeal.

Proteins - animal versus vegetable

Even better than whole grain products, fill you up protein-rich foods. Because your body needs even longer to utilize protein. The protein sources differ between animal and plant foods.

Animal proteins are meat, fish and dairy products. The protein structures are similar to our human structures. Because of this, the Body utilize animal proteins faster and record better. However, pay attention to the quality of animal food! Sausage products or dairy products in particular often contain saturated fats or additional sugar. Better take it lean meat, fish, or cheese.

Vegetable proteins are in Legumes or tofu contain. The protein structures differ from our body's own proteins. That is why they are less usable for our body, but not worthless! You can also make your own with vegetable proteins Cover protein needs. And also get other, important nutrients.

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Fats - good and bad

Fats are usually avoided when losing weight. Because they don't really fill us up and add a lot of calories. However, you should never do without them completely.

Unsaturated fatty acids will be as "Good fats" designated. You are rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids and serve as precursors for the messenger substances and tissue hormones. It is recommended to consume more omega-3 than omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids support production anti-inflammatory fatty hormones in the body. So if you want to lose weight healthily and in the long term, take it more often Avocado, oily fish, nuts, or seeds.

"Bad Fats" however are saturated fat like trans fats. They are mostly in Charcuterie and prepared meals contain. Avoiding them completely is almost impossible, but also not absolutely necessary. The ratio between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in your diet is crucial. Ideally, this is 1: 2.

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How can I lose a lot and quickly?

Lose weight quickly and a lot - is that your wish? The way to the goal is definitely not to go hungry or to eat as little as possible! The best way to lose weight is to take your first step To determine calorie consumption and in the second yours Calorie requirement your Adjust target. If you want to lose some weight, you need to consume fewer calories than you consume during the day. We recommend you a maximum calorie deficit between 300 to 500 calories not to exceed. This is how you lose weight in a healthy way and avoid the risk of a yo-yo effect.

Also one Protein-rich diet in combination with exercise helps you lose weight faster. Through the extra exercise burns more calories and boost your metabolism properly. Best of all: muscles are real calorie kilns! They also consume calories while you are resting. That is, ever more muscle mass you have the more higher is yours too Calorie requirement!

Protein-rich meals are particularly important when it comes to losing weight quickly without being hungry. High protein foods are for example lean meat and fish, legumes and cottage cheese. They keep you full for a long time and you can easily lose weight without going hungry.

What helps with healthy weight loss?

First and foremost, one helps you lose weight in a healthy way without being hungry healthy and balanced diet. It doesn't have to be a diet. You can also lose weight quickly, without exercising and starving yourself. Most of the time, weight loss without diet is also more sustainable because you change your diet over the long term. All you need is structure and clarity. Five essential questions you should clarify:

  • How much weight do you want to lose weight?

It is important to regularly record your weight or girth. So you can see your results in black and white.

  • By when do you want to achieve your goal?

Set a fixed date by when you would like to have reached your desired weight. And stick to it!

  • What tools do you need to achieve your goal?

This can be food supplements, sports equipment or cooking utensils.

  • How do you want your reach a target?

Are you planning a certain diet or do you want to avoid certain foods? If more exercise is on the agenda, think about which sport might suit you.

  • whocan you on your journey accompany?

For small motivation dips, it is always good to have a partner in crime by your side. Think about whether there is someone around you with whom you can start the journey together. Or do you know someone who has already lost a few pounds? Such people are also good support!

What is the best exercise for weight loss?

Theoretically it is suitable any sport for weight loss. Whether jogging, swimming, weight training or dancing - if you get your body moving, you burn calories. Are you not a big sports fanatic? Walking or gardening also pay into your exercise account. If you want to celebrate lasting success, it is important to have a Finding a sport that you enjoy. So don't pay attention to calorie consumption in the first place. If you are still interested how many calories which sport burns, look at our table for Sports and their calorie consumption.

Delicious recipes for losing weight without hunger

Losing weight without starvation means swinging the wooden spoon every now and then. Are you missing the right recipe for cooking? No problem! For every Diet without starvation do we have that matching recipe at hand! Thanks to our delicious and easy fitness recipes Losing weight quickly becomes a culinary experience without going hungry. How about, for example, a delicious protein salmon roll with cream cheese or a stuffed sweet potato? Your mouth will water! But we also have juicy cake and biscuit recipes for those with a sweet tooth.

Our 5 favorite recipes for losing weight without hunger are:

Stuffed sweet potato with vegetable filling

The less work the better? Then our recipe for the sweet potato from the oven is just for you! Easy put in the oven and top. And did you know that the sweet potato is the whole grain variant of the conventional potato? So exactly the right thing for losing weight without being hungry!

To the recipe

Protein salmon roll with cream cheese

Salmon rolls versus bacon rolls? Exactly! Because with our protein salmon rolls you can secure yourself a proper one Portion of protein and valuable fats! Once rolled up and wrapped in foil, they can also be wonderful with to workto take.

To the recipe

juicy lemoncake

Lemon cake is actually made from butter, sugar, and flour. Actually! Because there is no trace of it in our lemon cake recipe! Instead we use high quality coconut oil, protein powder and yogurt! Fluffy and delicious as you know lemon cake - just fewer calories and more protein. You can cut a slice of it!

To the recipe

Lentil soup like grandma's

Grandma already knew: the child needs lenses! Because actually include 100 g lentils approx. 24 g protein. Our hearty lentil soup recipe has everything a good meal needs: vegetables, meat and a thick slice of protein bread! And whether beef, poultry or veggie sausage - grandma would certainly be proud of you that you cooked yourself a hearty soup!

To the recipe

Quick pasta dish Pasta alla Norma

Open the bag, cook the pasta, put sauce over it - done! Our quick pasta recipe for Pasta alla Norma scores with no frills. The insider tip: protein noodles. A real gold treasure, especially for losing weight without being hungry. High quality protein, fewer carbs, one hundred percent pasta taste!

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Our conclusion

  • Losing weight without hunger is not only possible, but also the most sensible way to achieve your goal. You should never try to save calories by starving yourself.
  • Determine your calorie requirement, set yourself a fixed goal and eat a healthy and balanced diet, then hunger will no longer stand in the way of your weight loss success.
  • Foods rich in protein will keep you full longer than carbohydrates. But carbs are okay too. In this case, however, reach for whole grain products.
  • Exercise is not absolutely necessary for losing weight, but it makes sense. Because muscles burn a lot of calories. And ensure a tight and defined physique.
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