What is it about your work that fascinates you?

"Why do you want to work for us of all people?" How do you cleverly answer this question

For many of us, an interview is a challenging situation. You actually have more than you should have written in your application and résumé. And then you have to go one better and convince the HR manager as a person. That is not easy.

When the notorious question “Why do you want to work for us?” Comes around the corner, then the self-confidence of many applicants has happened in the interview. Why do you want to work for us? Seriously? Otherwise you wouldn’t have an interview in this very company and certainly not have written an application. As you can probably guess, such answers are not the best idea. Because there is more to the question “Why do you want to work for us?” Than you think.
With the right preparation, you can give an answer that is convincing of you across the board.

Why is the question "Why do you want to work for us?" Unsettling in a job interview?

You probably know that this question is not one of the most pleasant parts of the interview. But why is that actually the case? Why do you automatically hesitate to answer this question in order to find the right answers? The reason for this is very simple. As you and the person you are talking to know, this is certainly not your only application. On average, young professionals who are intensively looking for a job write around 40 applications.
Of course, not every application results in an interview. But the chance that you have to answer the question “Why do you want to work for us?” More than once to a company's HR manager is pretty high.

Many applicants now intuitively suspect that the answers are about reassuring them that they definitely don't want to work anywhere else. And that's a bit difficult if you've told the 10 company about it beforehand. Your interlocutor is not interested in checking your loyalty. It's about whether you can identify with the goals and structures of the company where your potential new job would be.
“Why do you want to work for us?” You can honestly answer with a clear conscience.

What is the purpose of HR with the question “Why do you want to work for us?”.

As you have just read, the question “Why do you want to work for us?” Is primarily about the extent to which you identify with the company. In the interview, the person you are talking to not only tries to find out how you feel, but also whether you have dealt with the job.
After all, it is important for them to find someone who is satisfied with the tasks of the advertised position. And for this they need to know whether the candidate has a clear idea of ​​the day-to-day work and the responsibility of the position and the job in the interview.

The question from the HR manager why working for us is so important to you also gives you the opportunity to emphasize that the offer is not just an interim solution or a stopgap. From the company's point of view, it is very important to check whether there is real interest and motivation, or whether it is just one interview among many. So it is worthwhile to approach the fifth interview as if it were your only one.

What you should answer to the question "Why do you want to work for us of all places?" And what not.

You now have an idea why the most feared question of all job interviews is actually not that bad. And what is actually behind it on the company's side.

Now let's get to the most important part. What do you answer now? Of course, that depends on the situation and the job. Also, opinions differ about the perfect answer. Even so, there are a few things that you should definitely keep in mind when formulating your answer:

  • What is it that particularly fascinates you about the company you are currently working for? Every company has its own characteristics. It is important to find out and use it correctly now.
  • If you've already been in contact with people at the company and enjoyed what they told you, now is the time to mention it. There is little more that can impress the HR manager than existing contacts.
  • The job description of the job can provide information about the correct answer. What is different from other tenders? And why is that exactly why you are so well suited for the job?
  • Remember the moment when you decided to write an application for the job. What made the difference? There you have your argument.

Bonus: the top 5 worst answers to the question "Why do you want to work for us?"

Are you in the interview and realize that there is absolutely no way you can work for this company? Simply apply one of the following examples and you can be sure that you will never hear from this company again!

  1. Why do I want to work for you of all people? First of all, answer me why I should work for you of all people!
  2. I like your vacation and sick leave arrangements much better than with my old company.
  3. You are in contact with company XY. I've always wanted to work there.
  4. So I just googled your company. It said something about a good cafeteria for the employees.
  5. Why do I want to work for you? What's the name of the company again?