How long should I hand wash laundry

Washing clothes: With these rules you wash properly and save electricity

A few marriages, friendships and probably countless shared apartments have already been broken up due to discussions about washing clothes. It is not uncommon for colored socks or an angora sweater to play a major role. One thing is certain: if you abandon old habits and use the new possibilities offered by technology, you can save a lot on laundry. But: is hand washing more gentle than the delicate cycle? Does “a lot helps a lot” apply to detergents? And is the faster wash cycle also cheaper?

“The most expensive thing about washing clothes is often the energy that is required,” says Claudia Oberascher, project manager of the “Hausgeräte +” initiative. However, even she advises against buying the new machine solely to save money: “It doesn't pay off. Only when you are no longer satisfied with the old one should you buy a good new one. ”But what else can you do? Some:

Rule 1 - Low temperature scores

The lower the temperature, the cheaper the wash cycle. "With modern detergents, the laundry is clean even if it is not washed at 60 or 90 degrees," explains Bernd Glassl from the body care and detergent industry association. Oxygen-based bleaches give good results even at low temperatures. Some are already active from 20 degrees, most work well from 30 degrees and very good at 40 degrees.

Washing at 90 degrees is therefore actually only necessary today after an exotic, contagious disease, says Glassl. However, the machine should run at 60 degrees at least once a month to kill any bacteria in the machine.