Where can I get good internships

Do an internship

An internship will help you decide on the right job. Find out where you can do an internship, what types of internships there are and what you will earn.

Voluntary internship or compulsory internship?

A Voluntary internship you can, for example, complete it during your holidays, before an apprenticeship or before studying. It helps you to orient yourself, to bridge the time sensibly and to gain professional experience. You negotiate the duration yourself with the employer.

A Compulsory internship is mandatory in many training courses or courses of study. With some courses you have to complete a compulsory internship before you start your training or studies, with others it is part of the course. The duration is often fixed.

Whether a voluntary internship or a compulsory internship - you should do one before you start Internship contract deal with the employer. You can find sample contracts on the Internet.

Where you can do an internship

Whether a large international company or a small craft business in your neighborhood - internships are offered by companies from all industries. You can also do an internship at authorities such as the employment agency. You can find an internship, for example, via the job search of the Federal Employment Agency. Simply enter the location and a profession or industry in which you would like to do an internship:

Looking for an internship

Take a look at other online internship exchanges and job portals, for example

You can also approach companies yourself and ask about an internship. For example, use training fairs to get in touch with companies. You can also inquire about vacant internship positions among friends and acquaintances. And of course your career counseling will be happy to help you.

Payment for your internship

The minimum wage The price of 9.50 euros also applies to interns. However there is Exceptions:

  • (voluntary) internships for professional orientation that a maximum of 3 months last and
  • prescribed in the curriculum of the training or course of study Compulsory internships.

Here you have to negotiate the remuneration yourself with the company. The easiest way to check whether the minimum wage has to be paid for your internship is to use the minimum wage and internship click path.

In your internship contract, the Reward, the Overtime compensation and the Continued payment of wages in the event of illness be regulated.

Special types of internship

  • Trial internship and Student internship: Voluntary or compulsory internships during school time. More about this on the page Try out in an internship to see whether the job suits you.
  • Ship internship: FVoluntary internship in which you get to know nautical-technical professions.
  • Pre-study internship respectively Internship: Compulsory internship that must be completed either before or during an educational program in the respective subject area.
  • Internship abroad: Voluntary or compulsory internship during studies or training.
  • Internship semester and study-related internships: Voluntary or compulsory practical phases during a degree.
  • Recognition internship: Compulsory internship that must be completed in certain professions after completing the training.
  • Trainee program: Job-specific and company-specific entry-level program by an employer for graduates of a degree.

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