What names can I call my husband

The meaning of the nicknames: THAT says it about you when you call him "sweetheart"

It doesn't always have to be sweetheart. But at the latest, whoever is with an Ann-Kathrin or a Jan-Malte will sooner or later come up with a nice short version. And it's nice and personal too. Just as your parents used to give you a nickname because they love you so much, you carry it on in your partnership.

The fact is: nicknames are used by almost every couple. Some are based on classic names and simply shorten or belittle it. Others are extremely resourceful and use wild fantasy names, like Cuddly Muddle or Mausibär ...

And then, of course, there is the "classics" category, such as treasure and mouse. And then at the latest it becomes clear that what you call your loved one usually says a lot about the relationship. Because such a nickname usually has a certain meaning and expresses one's own appreciation and affection, but also an existing sense of possession towards the partner.

Let us remember Edmund Stoiber's "pussy" as a nickname for his wife, which cheered the whole nation. Or Richard Lugner, who always gave his younger wives animal names like Katzi, Mausi, Bambi, Kolibri and Spatzi. You ask yourself: what does something like that tell us? Doesn't that say a lot about someone who constantly turns their wives into tiny creatures?

A reason to take a look at the meaning of the typical nicknames.

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Pet names & their meanings: sweetheart

The Porsche by the nicknames: "Schatz" and "Schatzi". Whoever uses them expresses a close connection to the partner. A treasure is something very valuable that you don't want to lose under any circumstances, but rather want to retain it as much as possible. Therefore, this nickname also conveys a certain attitude.

Pet names & their meanings: Bear

Anyone who calls their partner a "bear", "little bear" or "happiness bear" indirectly hopes for a cuddly, cuddly guy with a strong protective instinct and strong shoulders to lean on.

Pet names & their meanings: thicker

To be called "fat" or "fat" doesn't have to be an insult. If the couple has been together for a long time, this nickname can even be an expression of deep connection and affection and refers to the shared experiences that have been made together over time.

Pet names & their meanings: rabbit

Anyone who calls their partner "Rabbit" or "Hasi" finds them sexy and is attracted by their erotic charisma ... At the same time, this nickname is also belittling and refers to the desire for a cuddly toy.

Pet names & their meanings: mouse

A mouse is a shy but also curious animal. She appears small and helpless, but at the same time is nimble and intelligent. If you call your partner that, you want a quiet guy who doesn't have a lot of demands. Hello, Mr. Lugner.

Pet names & their meaning: Schnucki

"Schnucki" is a belittling nickname that is often used for men who are not that cute, but - on the contrary - rather strong and dominant. This nickname symbolizes, so to speak, the "soft" side of the partner.

Pet names & their meanings: Sparrow

The sparrow is a cute, lively bird and a true survivor. If you give your partner this nickname, you want an independent, nice guy who also takes the initiative from time to time.

Pet names & their meanings: tiger

The tiger is a strong big cat - and the man who is allowed to wear this nickname should be just as powerful and dominant.

Pet names & their meanings: darling

The absolute classic among the nicknames - loving, but also not very creative. Anyone who baptizes their partner "darling" appreciates their loyalty and reliability and doesn't want any surprises.

Pet names & their meanings: Sweet

Whoever calls his partner "sweetie" demonstrates that he is the determining part in the relationship. You treat your "sweetheart" with love and attention, but you also show him your limits.

The most common nicknames:

And speaking of the classics: The online dating portal Parship has collected the most common nicknames among Germans in a survey. Here is the not exactly record-breaking, imaginative result:

1. This is what women call their boyfriend

  • Sweetheart or Sweetheart 48%
  • no nickname at all 12%
  • Other (individual response) 10%
  • Abbreviation or trivialization of the first name 9%
  • Rabbit or rabbit 9%
  • Bear or little bear 4%
  • Maus, Mausi or Mäuschen 3%
  • Darling 3%
  • Sweeter 2%
  • Baby 2%

2. This is what men call their girlfriend

  • Sweetheart or sweetheart 35%
  • no nickname at all 14%
  • Other (individual response) 11%
  • Abbreviation or diminution of the first name 10%
  • Maus, Mausi or Mäuschen 7%
  • Rabbit or rabbit 6%
  • Darling 4%
  • Sweetness 3%
  • Bear or little bear 2%
  • Baby 2%

And one more thing at the end: Unfortunately, many couples forget that such a nickname is often something very intimate and is not necessarily intended for strangers' ears. Anyone who calls their partner Bumsbacke or their partner Speckmaus in front of all friends should realize that those present are more likely to feel ashamed of others. However, if you call your partner "Schmitti" because your last name is "Schmitt", you can confidently do so in public.