How fast can you run 2 miles

Tempo calculator

Enter two parameters to calculate the third:

You can calculate your running pace in kilometers or miles. To do this, select the unit in the "Unit of measurement" menu.

Example: Calculate your running pace

Calculate your running pace. Divide the distance run by your running time.

Do you want to run a half marathon under two hours? Then enter 2 hours and 0 minutes as the time value and select "Half marathon" as the distance. If you click on "Calculate pace", you will see the pace per kilometer / mile. To run a half marathon under two hours, you have to run the kilometer faster than 5:41 or the mile faster than 9:09.

Example: Calculating the time to reach the destination

Calculate your term. Multiply your running pace by the distance you have run.

For example, let's say you know you can run a mile comfortably in 7 minutes and want to know how long it takes to run 6 miles at that pace. Enter 7 minutes per kilometer as the pace and 10 kilometers as the distance. You can also select the distance of 10 km from the drop-down menu.

If you click on "Calculate Time", the calculator will show your target time. For 10 kilometers you need an hour and 10 minutes at a pace of 7 min / km.

Real conditions vs. tempo guidelines

If you work with pace guidelines, remember that you are not a machine.

Professionals may be able to maintain their pace for several hours. If you don't have that much running experience, running at a predetermined pace will get harder the more tired you get.

Therefore, be realistic: When estimating your marathon time, do not base your personal best on 100 m or your pace on 5 km with your target time on 10 km.

And it doesn't have to stop at estimates: Record your running values ​​with a high-quality sports watch to get real running data for pace, distance and more.