How did the mafia resurrect?

Pope on Abuse and Mafia: Eradicate the Evil

Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi clarified some of the Pope's statements that appeared in the daily newspaper "La Repubblica" and are based on a conversation with the journalist Eugenio Scalfari

Vatican Rome, 07/13/14 (KAP) For the second time within a week, Pope Francis has announced an energetic fight against sexual abuse in the ranks of the Church. In an interview with the Italian journalist and church critic Eugenio Scalfari, according to the daily newspaper "La Repubblica" (Sunday), the attacks by pedophile clerics are a "leprosy", against which he will act with all necessary severity. On Monday, Francis met with victims of abuse for the first time and emphasized a zero-tolerance line towards perpetrators.

Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi objected after the publication, however, that it was not an interview in the true sense of the word. As after his conversation with Francis in October 2013, Scalfari also put words into the mouth of the Pope in the report that were not spoken like that. For example, Francis did not speak of cardinals who were guilty of abuse.

Although only two percent of the clergy are perpetrators, this does not reassure him at all, the Pope said, according to Scalfari. "And others, who are even more numerous, know about it and are silent; they punish, but do not say why," he quotes him. "I find this condition unbearable and it is my intention to counter it with all necessary severity," said Francis, according to Scalfari.

Jesus preached mercy to the people, but in some moments he also used the whip to drive the devil out of their souls. The destruction of a child's soul is one of the worst that can be imagined, says Francis.

Another conviction of the mafia

Francis also announced a more energetic approach to the Mafia. From his point of view, priests in southern Italy do not always oppose the phenomenon of organized crime decisively enough. "Of course they condemn the individual crimes, honor the victims, help the families as best they can. But their public and constant condemnation of the mafia is rare."

The church will not slacken under him in the fight against organized crime. His conviction of the mafia three weeks ago in Calabria will not remain an isolated case. At that time, Francis had declared that through what they did, mafiosi were no longer in communion with God and the Church; they are excommunicated.

With a view to a Marian procession in the Calabrian parish Oppido Mamertina, at which a week ago a tribute was given to a convicted `Ndrangheta boss, Francis said:" Everything is changing and everything will continue to change. " In the future, he wanted to find out more about the Mafia phenomenon and also read specialist books on it.

In the conversation, which, according to Scalfari, lasted about an hour, Francis also commented on celibacy. He recalled that this was only introduced in the Catholic Church 900 years after Jesus' death and resurrection. The fact that the Orthodox Church partially allows marriages of clerics is "not a big problem" for ecumenism. Unlike in "Repubblica", however, according to Lombardi, the Pope did not say that celibacy problems would take time and that he would find a solution.

Statements relating to the dialogue with non-Catholics, however, were not contradicted. Accordingly, the Pope announced that he also wanted to approach the Pentecostal churches and the Waldensian religious community and further strengthen contacts with Judaism.

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