How do I incorporate bondage into masturbation

Masturbation! 8 tips for intense orgasms

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With these eight tips we will show you how your orgasms can become even more intense and exciting when you masturbate with simple things like a toothbrush, shower spray or tennis ball.

Tip 1: Try different finger techniques

Let's go for pleasurable caresses and tours of exploration of the body! Try a new position. Or use a feather for tender pats. A variation in finger techniques can also be an exciting new experience in masturbation.

70% of women masturbate for anywhere from 5 minutes to half an hour. 16.7% percent even longer than half an hour.
Survey among 1,000 JOYclub women in October 2020

The most popular finger techniques

  • Compass: Extend your index and middle fingers. Pull your fingers with pressure in a straight line from north to south and from west to east over the vulva.

  • Three-finger technique: Use your index and ring fingers to pull the outer labia apart. With your middle finger you can now go on a tingling tour of discovery - outside and inside.

  • Circling eight: Use one or more fingers to draw lines in the shape of the number 8 around the clitoris and inner labia.

Tip 2: Include sex toys in your solo pleasure

Have you always masturbated with your fingers before? How about, for example, with a vibrator, dildo or anal plug, with pleasure balls or love clams?

69% of JOYclub women masturbate several times a week. 39% regularly use a sex toy for this.
Survey among 1,000 JOYclub women in October 2020

This toy pokes, knocks and vibrates: Win 1 of 3 "Sundaze" from Fun Factory!

The "Sundaze" is the novelty of the Bremen sex toy manufacturer Fun Factory. With its varied types of stimulation - pulsation, vibration and tapping, which can take place simultaneously or separately - it promises to reach three vaginal hotspots with the associated nerve endings.

Masturbation can be even more varied with sextoys!

The competition is closed. We congratulate the following winners:

  • schaunmermal70
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  • lasciviousOrder

Tip 3: Use exciting alternatives to the finger

Alternative 1: Loving caresses with a brush and oil

Warm massage oil and a soft brush can create real pleasure explosions. Dip the brush in the oil and slowly run it over your erogenous zones and vulva. Vary the pressure intensity - just as you like it! The way to orgasm is longer than with the usual masturbation, but a lot more exciting!

Alternative 2: Heel masturbation

This method is for agile women: sit down so that the heel is directly under the vulva and move yourself or the heel back and forth. Those who like it less acrobatic can rub their clitoris on other things such as the pillow, the edge of the bed or the arm of the sofa.

Also feels good: Put in the bathtub and let in just enough water to cover the vulva a little. Then slowly move the pool up and down and enjoy the caresses of the water on the clitoris!

Tip 4: stimulate your mind cinema with porn

Threesomes, gangbang, bondage - while masturbating you can think of everything that your dirty head cinema has to offer. Also Porn and erotic radio plays can be very exciting.

The most popular masturbation fantasies among women: BDSM and a threesome with two men.
Survey among 1,000 JOYclub women in October 2020

You can find a large selection of appealing porn for women and couples in the JOYclub media library. These are the most popular porn of the JOYclub editors:

Sex With Friends

Paloma wants to bring her old college clique together for a vacation. When meeting in a villa under the southern sun, erotic desires are aroused quickly. And so, sensual encounters begin among the friends, in which all inhibitions fall.

"Sex With Friends" in the media library

Breakfast in Bed

James wakes up earlier than his girlfriend. His hands begin to wander gently over their bodies. His gentle explorations awaken Taara, and her comforting moans add even more to James' desire to shower her with his devotion.

"Breakfast in Bed" in the media library


A woman climbs into bed and tries to seduce her husband, but his nose is deep in his book. A little disappointed, she reaches for her laptop and looks for an answer to the question of how you can spice up your sex life. Of course she will find it ....

"Spark'd" in the media library

Manon's perfume

Christoph and Karen lead a harmonious and adventurous sex life. No public role-play is too daring for them, no lust fantasy too perverse not to even try it out.

"The Perfume of Manon" in the media library

Tip 5: Use erotic helpers from the household

Only 9% of JOYclub women do not use any aids such as sex toys or the shower jet for masturbation.
Survey among 1,000 JOYclub women in October 2020

Would you like to be licked, but don't have a lover on hand? So you don't have to forego having fun: We show how a deodorant roller replaces the desired level of glibness. And that's not the only item in the household that you can joyfully misuse:

Try the roll-on deodorant as a substitute for cunnilingus

An empty, clean roll-on deodorant provides unimagined spheres of pleasure. It can not only penetrate you heavenly, but also circles your clitoris with relish. Simply run the deodorant roller over the comfort points of your intimate area at the desired intensity. The movements of the ball almost feel as if you were being licked - a drop of lube intensifies this masturbation pleasure.

Sit on the electric toothbrush

In the JOYclub forum, many women swear by the intimate massage with the electric toothbrush. It is not for nothing that interchangeable heads are offered. Important: use brush heads with soft bristles. First start with low pressure or only use the vibrating back. No joke: There are also special vibrator attachments for electric toothbrushes in online shops!

Spin a tennis ball, slip rubbing against you

Not every woman likes vibrating objects in the genital area. Are you still looking for a change from masturbating with your fingers? In addition to the toothbrush, there are many other nice items in the household, for example a slip, a pillow or a tennis ball.

That's how it works:

  • Slip: Place the panties on the pubic area so that they reach from the mons pubic area to the anus. Then you slowly pull it back and forth.

  • Pillow: Also used for stimulating friction: Sit on it as in the equestrian position and move slowly back and forth. But please avoid too vigorous and fast movements so that your clitoris is not injured.

  • Tennis ball: Place a tennis ball on the pubic mound and let it circle with gentle pressure.

Tip 6: Pamper yourself with the shower jet

There is a simple and wonderful masturbation aid in the bathtub: the water jet. Let it run with relish over the clitoris. First start with gentle pressure and intensify it as you please.

85% of women have masturbated in the bath or shower at some point.
Survey among 1,000 JOYclub women in October 2020

The bathtub is also a great retreat when the environment makes it difficult to be alone with yourself and your lust. Ask for an hour's rest, take an alibi book with you and lock yourself up. Make yourself comfortable with a bubble bath and candles and relax and indulge in your erotic mind cinema.

Wet and happy fun: masturbation in the bathtub.
© Image: GettyImages / skynesher

Tip 7: Look forward to the sex date with yourself

Anticipation is always the greatest joy: It doesn't always have to be the solo sex relaxation quickie in between. Deliberately look forward to an erotic evening just with yourself for a day. Leave the stress of everyday life in front of the door, turn off the cell phone and enjoy masturbating extensively.

This is how the feel-good solo sex day can go:

  • Shopping: Go shopping after work or on the weekend. For example, buy yourself a delicious red wine, scented candles and a nice bath additive. Or an exciting sextoy that you've always wanted to try out.

  • Erotic ambience: Make yourself comfortable at home. Take a long bubble bath while your favorite music plays softly in the background.

  • Sexy lingerie: Freshly bathed, you can now make yourself really pretty for yourself. It just feels heavenly to stroke yourself through the thin fabric of sexy lingerie.

Tip 8: let HIM watch

Many things are much nicer for two, aren't they? Many JOYclub members love to masturbate in front of or with their partner. This shows a great familiarity within the relationship. Does the thought of being watched by your partner while you masturbate also irritate you? Go ahead! No man will answer the question "Do you want to see how I do it myself?" push off the sofa (when football isn't coming).

48% of JOYclub women like to be seen masturbating every now and then.
Survey among 1,000 JOYclub women in October 2020

Men are incredibly aroused to watch women play tender solo games. This allows him to find out where you like it best and in what way. Your masturbation show can also be the prelude to an attractive (pr) game: invite him to do the same. So you can each other watch the masturbation and turn it on.

You yourself also learn how your loved one likes it. Also nice: Tell both of you about your masturbation fantasies. Perhaps there will be overlaps or stimulating thoughts for your lovemaking. Have fun trying!

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