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Santa Ana - hidden city jewel between world-famous comrades-in-arms

Admittedly, due to extremely strong competition, it is not necessarily in the top tier of tourist highlights in the USA. Still, Santa Ana is an utterly amazing city in California that, if you've read about it before, should actually visit when you get the chance.

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An artist village as a real tourist attraction | "Historic Downtown District" is worth a visit | Visiting Santa Ana with children | Hotels, Apartments and Vacation Rentals | What is the best way to get there and which excursions are available? | Santa Ana is the birthplace of many athletes | Santa Ana in a nutshell

Anyone who is traveling on the south west coast of the United States has a good chance of being close by anyway. Santa Ana belongs to the metropolitan area around Los Angeles, but with its 350,000 inhabitants it is a separate entity. L.A., Hollywood and Anaheim with its Disney Park; these are the big, world-famous visitor magnets with which Santa Ana competes. But it is not a question of either or, but of both and. In any case, Santa Ana offers a wonderful relaxation program to the louder and more overt neighbors of the region with its very well-kept, quiet, green and culturally influenced atmosphere.

An artist village as a real tourist attraction

You don't really have much to do with art? Then the "Artist’s Village" in Santa Ana is still worth a recommendation. This artist village is the liveliest part of Santa Ana and offers, as the name suggests, many small studios, galleries and workshops. Anyone interested in art will be able to look and be amazed for hours here. And all the others? They are not neglected either, because in this pretty part of the city, which only emerged in the 1980s, many independent shops have set up that offer a great mix. Needless to say, there is of course not a lack of a gastronomic scene that should leave nothing to be desired. After all, Santa Ana is in the middle of California, a state of enjoyment!

The special charm of this artists' village lies not least in the fact that there are also many historical buildings there. In the mid-1980s, many of these houses were still abandoned and rather shabby. At that time, the city decided to revitalize the whole area and give the city back a real center that should not only attract visitors but also the residents themselves. This plan worked one hundred percent.

Today you can stroll through interesting neighborhoods and come across top-class public institutions. The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (117 North Sycamore Street) and the California State Fullerton Grand Central Art Center (125 North Broadway) stand for this.


The Historic Downtown District is well worth a visit

A pearl for art lovers is the Bowers Museum (2002 North Main Street). It offers art from all continents and from many eras, including prehistoric ones. Tourists will also find the historic courthouse in the district. In addition, a legal library, a theater and the town hall have their natural place here. By the way, in travel guides and leaflets the whole district is called the “Historic Downtown District”. It really is a must for anyone visiting the city.

Visiting Santa Ana with children

Santa Ana is a must for anyone who travels to California with all their children. You will hardly be able to get the little ones out of the Discovery Science Center (2500 North Main Street). The center is extremely family-friendly and not only presents topics such as the environment and natural history in an easy and comprehensible way. The subject of "earthquakes", which is always feared in California, can also be experienced very impressively there. Another highlight is space travel, where you can lose the ground under your feet in the Discovery Science Center. All in all, it is very cheerful, exciting and instructive here.

Incidentally, the same can justifiably be said of the Santa Anna Zoo at Prentice Park (1801 East Chestnut Avenue), which is definitely another recommendation for travelers with children. On over eight hectares of land, he is dedicated to the fauna of Central and South America. A large part of the property on which the zoo is located was owned by Joseph Prentice. He has decreed that the zoo must give a home to at least 50 monkeys at any time. Is it any wonder that the Santa Ana Zoo is home to a huge number of primates from all over the world - much to the delight of all children, of course.

Hotels, apartments and holiday homes

Hotels, apartments and holiday homes in Santa Ana can be found on the booking portal

What is the best way to get there and which excursions are available?

If you want to visit Santa Ana directly, you can fly in with various airlines and land at John Wayne Airport. Already in California, visitors can choose between Amtrak buses and trains. Of course, you can also go to the city by car, as it is right on the Santa Ana Freeway. By the way, by American standards it is really a stone's throw to and from Los Angeles, and Pasadena and Santa Monica are not that far either.

Santa Ana is blessed with an almost Mediterranean climate, so the summers are hot and dry. You might want to go to the sea. No problem from Santa Ana, the Pacific is as good as on your doorstep. Newport Beach and Huntingdon Beach are, so to speak, the house beaches, but you won't regret a detour to Long Beach, a little further away.

Santa Ana is the birthplace of many athletes

Santa Ana is the birthplace of an extraordinary number of athletes and other sports enthusiasts. This makes it clear that you can do a lot for your own fitness and wellness in the city. There is no shortage of sports facilities and spas. One of the city's most famous children, however, comes from another area. Actress Michelle Pfeiffer was born in Santa Ana. After Hollywood she didn't have to go very far ...

Santa Ana in a nutshell

  • The city is part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area
  • In the “Artist’s Village” there is art, culture, great shops and restaurants
  • Also popular with children: the Discovery Science Center
  • The Santa Ana Zoo specializes in the wildlife of Central and South America
  • Various museums offer art lovers first-class collections; Particularly noteworthy is the Bowers Museum
  • The Pacific Ocean with vacation spots and beaches like Newport Beach and Long Beach is close by