What are cheaper alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

The best alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

Markus Schelhorn

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful vector-based graphics program, but only available by subscription. There are definitely alternatives. We show the most interesting.

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful vector drawing program that, along with the other programs in Adobe CC (Creative Cloud), is one of the most comprehensive designer tools. Illustrator can be used for many graphic tasks. This can range from logo design and business card design to multi-page flyers and brochures. But as varied as Adobe Illustrator can be used and as good as the integration with other Adobe programs may be. Illustrator is only available as a subscription from 23.79 euros per month - with all other Creative Cloud programs for 59.49 euros per month. Thus, Illustrator is aimed at those who use this program often and regularly. But many simply do not need the wide range of functions that this drawing program offers.

There are plenty of alternatives to Illustrator and we present the most interesting ones. Do you know any other recommended alternatives? Feel free to write us a comment

Free web applications

If you only use a vector drawing program occasionally, there are some free web applications available for you to use. Here is a brief overview:

Gravit blothttps://klex.gravit.io is a free version of the Gravit Designer that Corel bought out. This online application is ideal for quick, simple graphics - for example for Instagram, Facebook or even flyers and invitation cards. In addition, the site offers many well-made templates.

VectrLike Gravit Klex, https://vectr.com offers the possibility of creating uncomplicated graphics for social media or print. However, this application does not offer any templates, and you have to register.

RollApphttps://www.rollapp.com This cloud solution for common apps also offers the open source program Inkscape. This vector graphics program with the classic look and feel from the 1990s can be run on Windows and Linux and, with a detour, also on a Mac.

Affinity Designer

Price: 54.99 euros

For Windows and macOS

Website: https://affinity.serif.com/de

Given the low price, Affinity Designer is certainly one of the most interesting alternatives to Adobe Illustrator. The modern program is a mixture of pixel and vector-oriented graphics processing (see our first test). Affinity Designer offers a wealth of functions, for example a layer technique with layer effects. In contrast to the usual practice, the program does not offer a time-limited test version. However, you can read an overview of the functions here.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019

Price: 699 euros or as a subscription for 19.95 euros per month

For Windows and macOS

Website: https://www.coreldraw.com/de

The well-known Corel Draw offers a similar range of functions as Illustrator. With its current version, Corel Draw has returned to the Mac after many years. Corel Draw does not fulfill the dusty image of an outdated graphics program from the 1990s, which many long-time Mac users probably still have in the back of their minds. Because the graphics program has blossomed a lot over the years. For example, the CorelDRAW.app web application, which can be used to create online illustrations, is new. This application can be used with both the purchase and subscription version and is the Corel version from Gravit Designer that was bought by Corel. The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 brings together other programs from Corel that are definitely worth a look: Photo Paint 2019, Font Manager 2019, Capture 2019 and AfterShot 3 HDR. Corel Draw is available as a 15-day trial version. For an initial overview, Corel offers a quick start guide as a PDF.

Autodesk Graphic

Price: 32.99 euros

For macOS, iPhone and iPad

Website https://www.graphic.com

About three years ago, Autodesk took over the Mac graphics software iDraw. In the meantime, iOS versions for the iPhone and iPad have been added to the macOS version. The app is tailored to the Apple system. This is how the documents can be saved in the iCloud. Graphic also uses macOS functions such as handoff. You can edit a project seamlessly on the iPad and the Mac computer.

Gravit Designer Pro

Price: Pro version 99 euros per year (special offer currently at 36.90 euros)

For macOS, Windows, web application

Website: https://www.designer.io

Gravit Designer is a comprehensive vector graphics program that offers layers and effects, among other things. Gravit Designer was bought by Corel in mid-2018 and, as a web application, is part of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 (purchase or subscription version). Gravit Designer can also be used individually, but for a regular price of 99 euros per year. However, there are special offers where you pay less than half the regular price.