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Snapchat updated! These are the new functions and features

Snapchat News

What will change in 2019? What are the Snapchat Trends 2019 and Snapchat News?

What set the social media company apart from other social media apps was that Disappearance of the snaps. However, the social media platform is now planning one Change their basic guidelines regarding the storage of photos and videos on their website.

This plan is based on a report. The report states that Snapchat will take the photos and videos longer or even permanently want to hold. The changes are seen as a major challenge for users. One of the Snapchat news is that the data made available to the public only reaches those members who have consented to their story being shared.

Be existent for Snapchat USP (Unique Selling Product), however, always in the fact that snaps were either gone within 24 hours as a story or in a few seconds.
These steps are Part of the economic considerations, which the company had to deal with after the deterioration in its financial position, which has also resulted in many executives leaving the company.

Other Snapchat news include the Partnerships from Snapchat with organizations like "News Whip’. These news portals could pick up stories from Snapchat and then publish them as breaking news on their respective platforms.

Other Snapchat news include the wish of business partners that the Photos are preserved and not disappear.
In addition to boosting its own income through such partnerships, Snapchat also has to worry about competition. Analysts point out that Snapchat has an edge over its rivals Twitter and Facebook, at least in the news arena, as it is able to offer more video material against most other texts.

Current Snapchat trends

The social media company has released a number of new Snapchat trends and features. Last August, Instagram brought one own stories function and recently added many other tools from Snapchat like Geofilter and Sticker, duplicated.

Facebook has also released a Stories feature that includes a variety of features that originally from Snapchat were published. However, the following Snapchat trends 2019 and features are only a basis.
As the boundaries between the apps become more and more confusing, the following list contains all the entertaining new Snapchat trends 2019 and features:


Multi-snap enables you to do that easy to record and share of videos in a sequenceinstead of having to put your story together from individual videos.

Press and hold the record button to start recording video. When the first ten seconds are up, the app begins automatically with the inclusion of additional ten-second clips for up to 60 seconds in total. The individual clips can be saved in chronological order or individually be sent.


The most controversial new feature of the platform is an easy way to get around find out where your friends are. In the SnapMap It's less about finding directions and more about finding out where your friends are. You can see the map for yourself by swiping the Snapchat camera's home screen. As soon as you are on the map, you will see the location of your friends. Once you've made a friend, simply click on their Bitmoji avatar to view their story.

Custom stories

Custom stories are among the other Snapchat trends 2019 and are an amazing new form of story that makes it easier for groups of people to share their experiences together. You can Create up to three custom stories at the same time.

This is especially for Companies advantageous who are interested in sharing content only with the most relevant people, instead of you entire network to be included in every single snap.

If you're hosting an event, you can create a custom story that has everyone in attendance and letting them know about everything. At a trade show, you can search for custom stories to Share your snaps with a group of potential customers.

Geofilter from your smartphone

The possibility of custom geofilters has been available since the end of 2016. Until recently, however, you could only upload your filter via the dedicated website or design the filter using the web tool. You can now click directly in the Snapchat app "Geofilter" click on the new one mobile creative studio to access. This way you can personalize your snaps much better.

Language filter

An innovative one Language filter is also one of the Snapchat Trends 2019. The selection of voice filters has so far been very manageable in the app. Now you can Speaker icon in the lower left corner in the app and choose from a range of character voices to match your Snap to give an auditory style. Every story is refreshed and makes the app something special.

Color variations

The Tint function is more than just a color editing effect. The powerful new tool used Object recognition technology, to turn friends into green aliens or dye your hair purple.

At this point the function is only for photos available. With the next update, this function should also be available for videos.

Vertical toolkit

The app contains Design tools, with which you can perfect your masterpiece before you send it off. These design tools have been moved to the top right at the bottom of the screen and are now called Vertical toolkit referred to. Not only did the app move this menu, it also added some useful and unique features:

  • With the Backdrops you can track an object in your Snap and a colorful pattern generate. To use this tool, tap the scissors, then tap the background icon. Track the object, choose a background design, and add a design layer between objects to creatively add to the background of your image.
  • Unlimited snaps are activated when you do that Infinity symbol in the snap timer. Friends can watch the Snap for as long as they want. Warning, your snapshots will still go away when they are closed.
  • With Magic Eraser can you do something (or someone) delete from a snap.
  • With the Emoji brush you can with your paint favorite emoji
  • Looping videos are for people who want to experience moments again and again! With this GIF-like function Your snaps will run through until the viewer closes or adds to the story.