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US export of roughage at record level despite drought

Despite recent drought-related crop losses in large parts of the Midwest, the United States exported a record amount of roughage last year. The geographic fragmentation of the US forage marketwhich is why significantly higher prices for hay and alfalfa in the Midwest did not slow down exports.

As announced by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), exports of hay, alfalfa and other types of roughage reached a record value of $ 1.25 billion (EUR 960 million) in the 2012 calendar year. Since 2008, the value of these exports has increased by 93%, while the volume concerned has increased by 39%. Traditional origins for the export of hay are the US states Washington, California and Oregon on the west coast.

In the year under review, hay exports represented 4% of total US production, which was the lowest level since 1964 at an estimated 109 million tons. The hay stock was 69 million tons, the lowest since 1957, according to the USDA. According to the ministry, the volume of alfalfa, which accounts for around 40% of roughage exports, even fell in 2012 to its lowest level since 1953. The production of other types of roughage was lower than it has been since 1998.

The main buyers for hay from the USA are Japan, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and China. Japan alone imported hay from the United States for $ 600 million in 2012. (AgE)