What does br mean in HTML

HTML tag br / wbr • Hard line break (break)

New line

Line breaks within the source text in block tags such as address, p, li, td, td, dt and dd tags are ignored by the browsers. A line break in the source text does not lead to a line break in the rendered display (the text within pre-tags is an exception. In pre-tags, the browser automatically creates a line break that reflects the line breaks in the source text - hence the name »preformatted (pre-formatted) text «.

br forced line break

In most cases, the br tag in elements such as p, td or li is not needed to break lines of text - the browser does this automatically according to the available line width. The display is also independent of the structure of the HTML source text: Here, HTML is based on word processing programs.

HTML br works like the keyboard combination Shift + Return in word processing programs, which also insert a line break without a new paragraph.

Br tags are only required if the flow of text within a paragraph is to be broken at a certain point - e.g. in the HTML address tag or in poems. Alternatively, the CSS style white-space: pre-wrap can be used to wrap the text as in the source text.

The br tag is empty and had to be closed in XHTML with a slash in front of the closing bracket. In HTML5, the final slash is not necessary, but it can be left there.

HTML br tag: line break in the poem

<h6>Ein Gedicht <br /> von Edward Gorey</h6> <p> Als es klingelte, nachts, es war kurz vor halb zehn. <br> Wurde niemand erwartet und niemand gesehen. <br> Doch dann sahn sie auf einer Urne zuletzt <br> eine fremde Erscheinung und waren entsetzt. </p>

No CSS for br

br adheres to the property of the comprehensive paragraph - regardless of whether the br is in a p, li, div or dd paragraph. If the line break should bring a different distance to the last line, a new block element is appropriate and not a br tag.

He drank fruit juice for breakfast and looked slightly mad;
for he not only ate toast but also tableware.
Even the gramophone funnel (he loved it very much)
In spite of all the protests he didn't give up any more.

.demo-br br {margin-top: 2em; display: block; padding-top: 20px}

By and large, browsers (except Firefox) only refuse to change the spacing based on margin or padding line-height shows effect.

HTML5 wbr

wbr stands for an optional line break that the browser should only use if a character string is too long. Unlike the HTML entity & shy; browsers do not set a hyphen for .

This is useful for long links in plain text that should not be falsified by additional hyphens.

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Supported by all modern browsers except IE in all versions.