How do you approve comments on Facebook

Did you know: prevent comments in groups

In our little “Did you know?” Series, we present tips and tricks for using Facebook. Much of this has been possible for a long time, but is hardly known to any user.

Today it should be about the comments in groups and who can deactivate and reactivate them.

1. Admin disables comments

This should actually be the most well-known function for the comments, but still see, as in many poorly administered groups, that no one has dealt with these basics yet. Administrators of a group can deactivate the comment function for individual posts at any time. Further comments are then no longer possible, but previous comments are still displayed. This can of course be very useful in administration if a topic gets out of hand or is simply off-topic.

The appropriate function can be found under the small triangle at the top right:

A user can of course also release the comments for their own contribution.

2. User deactivates comments

It's getting more exciting here. A user can deactivate the comments for his own post. In this way, he could at least temporarily prevent the discussion on a topic or restrict it accordingly.

The post then appears like this:

However, only the option to write further comments is deactivated. Previous comments remain and can still be liked by the users.

3. Admin enables comments

It is clear that if an admin deactivates the comments under a post, then he can remove this block at any time. This function can be found in the same place as deactivating it. Then all users can leave their answer again.

The same applies to posts for which a user has deactivated comments. Here, too, an admin can intervene and release the comments.

These functions are also available on mobile devices within the Facebook app on iOS and Android.


By deactivating and activating comments, you can do some nonsense in poorly maintained groups as a user. In well-maintained groups, however, this function can also be used very effectively in community management in the hands of capable admins.

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