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No matter whether you (only) want to find out about the latest news from the crime scene, or whether you (as a reader) recommend your favorite crime novel or want to say something about the recently watched television crime novel. You are exactly right here!

And of course Kriminetz is also the point of contact for everyone who deals professionally with crime novels. As an author or publisher, you can report on your new publications here or, as an organizer, author or organization, invite and report on crime readings, crime festivals and other crime fiction events. Of course, reports from visitors to these events are also welcome here. And tenders for crime fiction competitions are also interesting for many readers.

At Kriminetz you can:

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After registering for free, you can write news articles on all topics related to crime stories at Kriminetz. These include e.g.

  • New releases: A new crime thriller has appeared? As a book, an audio book or a film? Here you can inform everyone about it and also like to get rid of a first criticism.
  • Crime Readings: Are you organizing a crime reading yourself or have you found out that one is taking place? Inform everyone who is interested about the time and place! And then you can report on the reading here.
  • Crime Festivals: There are numerous crime festivals at home and abroad. Here is the platform to inform and report on dates and events.
  • Writing competitions: Have you found out about an interesting crime contest or are you writing one yourself? Let all potential winners know what is expected, where to send their texts and what prizes are waiting for them!
  • Book projects: Are you looking for fellow campaigners, e.g. to publish a crime novel? You will surely find enough interested parties here. So publish the tender right away!
  • Reports on other events: Invitations to or reports on all other events related to crime novels are also welcome here.

Create reviews:
Kriminetz also has an extensive crime catalog in which reviews can be written for every crime fiction. In order to guarantee the highest possible quality in this catalog, only editorially selected crime novels are included here. Of course, we are also dependent on the cooperation of our crime fans here. If you find that your favorite crime thriller is not there yet, just send us an email to [email protected] We will then take a look at the crime thriller and would be happy to include it in our catalog.