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Make-up for beginners including instructions

Anyone who has never dealt with foundation, blush, eyeliner and co. - not to mention the right brushes for each product - often finds it a little difficult to take the first steps towards makeup. The most important thing in following the makeup tips for beginners is not to get discouraged. When you first try to "learn to make-up", something will always go wrong, even beauty gurus who put on an elaborate make-up every day are not immune to mistakes. You should always keep this in mind so that you don't lose courage while learning to make-up, especially at the beginning. Getting started isn't as difficult for beginners as it might sound. The trick is to pick the right make-up products and utensils from the abundance of the product range so that the range no longer seems so overwhelming. Then even beginners can quickly put on flawless makeup that lasts for a long time and yet looks natural.


How to do the perfect makeup step by step - learn to apply makeup with our step by step guide for beginners

There is no shortage of makeup tutorials on the internet these days. Curse and blessing at the same time, because especially as a beginner it is sometimes difficult to find the right look in the jungle of beauty gurus and make-up experts, the level of difficulty of which you can overcome and which also looks good on your own face. We provide a short guide to make-up for beginners that contains all the important points you need to know before you start applying make-up. With the right make-up tips for beginners, every woman can conjure up beautiful make-up on her face quickly and easily.


An even complexion

An even, flawless complexion is the basis for any makeup. Before starting the foundation, a nourishing day cream should be applied to the skin. A sufficient sun protection factor should not be missing, because the sun's rays damage the skin substance through makeup. After ten minutes of exposure time, you can start with the makeup for beginners.


The right foundation

Finding the right foundation is an important hurdle. The easiest to use is certainly a liquid foundation; it is easier to apply and creates a more natural look in the end. Impurities and redness can also be concealed later with your concealer or a cover cream. The color choice of the foundation is tricky. Always make sure that the color matches the skin tone so that there are no unsightly transitions on the neck. This basic rule is one of the absolute basics when applying make-up.


The perfect coat of paint

The liquid foundation can of course be applied with your hands. However, it is easier to apply it with a makeup brush for foundation or a special makeup sponge. Start with the T-Zone, i.e. on the forehead, nose and chin. From there, the primer is veneered to the outside on the sides. This covers the complexion evenly.

After the foundation is applied evenly, apply concealer if necessary. Under the eyes, to hide dark circles or to cover imperfections and redness. You can easily blend the masking cream with a small, round concealer brush. Now a powder follows. A loose powder fixes the primer and prevents unwanted shine. If you have particularly dry skin, you don't necessarily need a powder all over your face, but only where there is concealer, e.g. B. under the eyes.


Rouge - a supreme discipline

Now it's getting even trickier. The right application of blush may not work right away at the beginning. But don't worry, with a little practice you can do anything. The easiest way to apply the blush is with a beveled blush brush. The powder blush is gently blended outwards on the highest points of the cheek. Tip: If you don't know exactly where the blush should go, pout in front of the mirror, then the cheeks stand out particularly well and you can see better where the blush belongs.


Make-up for beginners - looks for every occasion

Note: The best way to do makeup for beginners is in natural light. Then all the nuances of the makeup appear color-fast and it is easier to see whether you have chosen the right nuances. In artificial light, one often tends to put on too dark make-up because the make-up appears lighter.


Breathtaking Moments: Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

Now it goes to the eyes. With the right products, it's not that difficult to skilfully stage them. With the right tips, you can even make your eyes appear bigger and more open.

Step 1: Eyeshadow. First, a light, preferably cream or champagne-colored shade is applied to the entire lid up to the eyebrow and blended.

step 2: Now a darker tone comes into play. It is applied to the outer edge of the movable eyelid and veneered with the previous shade to create soft transitions. This makes the eye look bigger.

step 3: In this step, kohl or eyeliner is used. Draw a thin line along the upper lash line. To do this, the eyeliner is attached to the inner corner of the eye and carefully guided outwards. Let the eyeliner be a little thicker towards the outer edge, so the eye appears more open and larger at the end. If you don't trust yourself to draw a continuous line, you first start with points on the lash line and then connect them.

Step 4: A little white kohl can be applied to the waterline at the lower edge of the eye, then the eyes appear larger and the gaze appears more alert overall.

Step 5: Now it's the turn of the mascara. With our make-up tips for beginners, the perfect blink of an eye is no problem. This is how it works: First, dye the eyelashes from roots to tips. It is best to use jagged movements so that the hairs get color from all sides. Then run the brush straight through the lashes a few more times to separate and shape them.


Make up your lips to fall in love with

The only thing missing is a lip gloss or lipstick on the lips. That's not difficult either. First, make the lips soft and supple with a little lip balm - because some lipsticks can cause particularly dry lips. Using a lip pencil, the contour of the lips is now drawn starting at the corners of the mouth. This line can now be slightly blended inwards so that it is not so sharp-edged. With a lipstick that matches the color of the contour pencil, the lips are given the perfect coat of paint. The application works particularly precisely with a lip brush, but those with firm hands can also apply the lipstick perfectly from the sleeve. If you don't dare to use lipstick yet, you can use lip gloss, these creamy gloss suppliers are easier to apply and make-up blunders are easier to correct.