How do you react to mistakes

What do you do when you've made a mistake?

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Imagine you made a mistake that you are responsible for. How are you acting? - What do you do when you make a mistake?

This is meant

This question is also aimed at your social skills, here: dealing with your own mistakes. Here, too, we are looking for a balanced personality with enough self-confidence to accept justified criticism. In summary: Are you a person who is convinced that there is nothing you can do wrong or who is to blame for every mistake?

This is how you should answer

Basically: You have to be able to admit a mistake and be prepared to take responsibility for it. And: An open admission of a mistake is the first step towards coping, because only then can you find out what the reason was. And only then can you learn from mistakes.

This results in two things for your answer: First, you should give an example where you made a mistake but successfully overcome it. Second, your example should show that you identified and resolved the problem of your own accord and without excuses so that it did no harm. If you demonstrate such professionalism in dealing with your mistakes, you have won.


Make it clear to yourself: only those who do nothing do not make mistakes. It is important to analyze and process them, to overcome them and to avoid them in the future. Your answer must show that you are capable of it.

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