Do you have a terrible middle name

I am considering changing my name.

Ok, it takes some effort to address my problem here, but it was stimulated by the Marvin thread ( -Partners? P = 6270714 & highlight = marvin # post6270714) I'll try anyway.

For the curious and those who are not willing to read my longer text afterwards, right in advance: The "scandalous" name that is supposed to be about here is "Jacqueline". My name is jacqueline (Yes, unfortunately it really is. (- However, this topic can represent all first names affected by kevinism / chantalism.

Well, my parents came up with the brilliant idea of ​​calling me that a long, long time ago. And no, I do not come from an educationally disadvantaged class and my immediate family circle has never pronounced my name in German or otherwise "falsified" it. In terms of sound, I often don't find it bad and I also know that it doesn't have such negative connotations in other (European) countries. Rather the opposite.

But I live in Germany and here he is clearly and without a doubt one of the socially ostracized. Most of the time I don't really care, but in some moments I am shocked by the prejudices that I face because of my name.

Rarely, but now more and more often, I feel almost uncomfortable when I have to introduce myself by my first name. The worst thing is to notice that a whole carousel of prejudice circles in the mind of new acquaintances when they hear my name for the first time. Or when the topic of "kevinistic aka terrible names" comes up again in the circle of friends and my first name is diligently circumvented, while one cheerfully gets along with Chantal and Kevin. Um, yeah.

I usually think to myself, what does the name mean? It's just smoke and mirrors anyway. But a name like that has a very, very strong influence on how you are perceived. Just a current example on the subject of first name discrimination:]

Long story short. I sometimes consider changing my name. However, I have concerns and I am mainly unsure for two reasons:

  1. All the bureaucracy. I am currently in the middle of my exam and am wondering what happens to all my certificates, ID cards, documents etc. after a name change? To have all that changed is definitely a miserable running and you have to explain yourself all the time.

  2. The reaction to my name change. I am almost certain that many of my friends would find it extremely strange if I suddenly called myself differently. Many would hardly accept it.

So! Got a lot.

What do you think? Are there other people affected here? () How would you behave if your name was socially extremely negative? Or how would you react if someone in your area suddenly changes their name?

I am interested in all opinions.