What does it mean to be naked

Dream interpretation nudity

Among other things, nudity is closely related to a person's sex life, as it is in a certain way imperative for the sexual act. At the same time, being naked also means freedom, lightness and shamelessness for many people: they enjoy evading certain norms and being able to move freely without clothing. Nude models pose in front of the camera without clothes and aesthetically put the naked body in the right light; In the sauna you sweat naked, after which you only wear a towel or bathrobe to do something good for your body.

Nonetheless, nudism is not for everyone: The disguise can also trigger feelings of shame and discomfort, the feeling of being exposed and vulnerable. This is especially the case when the person concerned is in an unfamiliar environment, feels observed or, of course, when he involuntarily stands in an Adams costume.

Nakedness can also play an important role in dreams. Many people dream of being naked. This can also be felt both positively and negatively here. The feeling of the dreaming regarding his nudity depends, as in real life, on his character. Showering with someone can also be related to this. But how is the dream symbol "nudity / naked" to be interpreted exactly?

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Dream symbol "nudity" - the most common dreams about the symbol

Topless - why not? A dream interpretation

If a female person feels good when she walks around topless and maybe only in underpants in her dream world, the dream situation indicates that she would like to live more openly and freely while awake. That does not have to mean that the dreaming would also like to run through the streets in reality without a bra and top. But maybe she feels pressured to meet certain expectations of others. The dreaming person would like to break out and show himself more often as he really is.

If the dream is instead rather embarrassing and the dreaming would like to wear clothes, she often feels inferior in reality.

Dream symbol "nudity" - the general interpretation

According to the general interpretation of dreams, anyone who dreams of “bare facts” and does not feel uncomfortable has one nostalgia afterwards, to be able to show himself for who he really is. The dreaming is indeed very self-confident, but may have the feeling in real life that he cannot freely develop and that he cannot fully live out his actual character.

In particular, if the person concerned is seen naked in public in the dream by many people, he has a great desire in the waking world to openly show certain facets of his character and to be able to express his opinion completely independently. He processes this dissatisfaction through the nakedness of the body in the dream.

At the same time, dreams of bare skin can also be an indication of the subconscious to be in reality more open and honest to behave. The dreaming should not hide his true feelings and intentions behind a facade, but should be open to them.

On the other hand, if you dream of seeing yourself naked in a strip show, you might have anxietyto be misunderstood. He fears that his fellow human beings will not accept or understand certain behavior.

Also frequent are dreams of nudity in which the person concerned feels very uncomfortable and tries to hide his genitals - for example behind a fig leaf. This expresses a fear of being exposed in real life. The dreaming is ashamed, for example for a certain one sexual need.

In addition, the dreaming is usually not self-confident enough to be open to all areas of his life or character and is afraid of a derogatory opinion of his fellow men, because this would make him vulnerable and expose him.

Anyone who bathes naked in a lake, river or sea feels at home in nature and can recharge their batteries here. At the same time, the dreamer has enough strength to withstand external influences.

Dream symbol "nudity" - the psychological interpretation

According to the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, dreams of being naked are an expression of an unconscious longing:

The dreaming wishes that Light-heartedness back to his childhood. Children know neither shame, nor worries, nor morals. For them, nudity is something completely natural and self-evident.

So anyone who dreams of being naked longs for this state of affairs and wants to be able to behave completely impartially and independently again.

Dream symbol "nudity" - the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation, the dream symbol indicates nudity New beginning hin: The affected person becomes his condition through a rebirth natural innocence can restore. This state is considered heavenly.