Is it worth waiting for Xiaomi's Mi5

It's worth the wait: Xiaomi brings an even better top smartphone

Xiaomi's turbulent year has slowly come to an end, albeit much later than the competition. A few days before the end of the year, Xiaomi will launch the new Mi 11, but that wasn't all. As we rightly suspected in advance, the Mi 11 is more of a snap shot at the end of the year and only the first harbinger of an entire series of devices with a significantly more selection.

In the meantime it has been confirmed directly by Xiaomi that there will soon be a Mi 11 Pro. Although this confirmation comes from a source code of a Xiaomi app, it is no less official. In addition to the new Mi 11, Xiaomi also mentions the upcoming Mi 11 Pro. In the days before, there were also rumors about the release date, which will probably not be before February 2021. So we still have to be a little patient.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro: First details seem confirmed, there are also requests

As far as the display is concerned, Xiaomi can hardly offer more in the Mi 11 Pro than in the Mi 11. Hopefully it is not even bigger than the 6.81 ″ of the regular Mi 11. But in any case "Curved", the available source code already confirms that. Exclusive functions of the Mi 11 Pro should also be MEMC (see Twitter video), SDR-to-HDR mapping and AI upscaling. These are the gadgets that a Pro model stands for today.

I am definitely expecting a new or different camera on the back, in this respect the simple Mi 11 basically had nothing new to offer. A zoom camera could be included, maybe there is also another addition for the 108 MP main sensor.

Xiaomi will certainly start with the first teasers in January. Until then, it should also be clarified whether there will be a Lite model again and perhaps an even higher Mi 11 Ultra is planned. Four different models are no longer uncommon these days, and the competition also joins in.

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