Who are the most famous Indian physicists

Ranga Yogeshwar

The moderator Ranga Yogeshwar has truly international roots. His mother was from Luxembourg, his father was Indian. Ranga Yogeshwar studied experimental physics at the “RWTH Aachen” and graduated with a degree in physics. Then he ended up watching television. In 1987 Ranga Yogeshwar began working with Jean Pütz, with whom he presented numerous episodes of the "Science Show" on WDR. This resulted in 1993 with "Quarks and Co." a separate program for the presenter. In addition, he kept presenting other shows that revolved around science, including “Globus”.

As a moderator, Ranga Yogeshwar shaped the development from a pure science mediator to "infotainment". This became particularly clear in his program “W wie Wissen” on ARD. Show effects played a big role and an enormous amount of effort was made to make knowledge interesting. This category also includes “The Great Show of Natural Wonders”, which Ranga Yogeshwar presented together with Frank Elstner from 2006 onwards. In 2007, the moderator called “Wissen vor 8”, a new format in which he tried to explain scientific topics within 145 seconds.

Ranga Yogeshwar has received countless awards for his work as a moderator and journalist. An honorary doctorate, the “German Television Prize 2011” and the “German IQ Prize” adorn his profile - to name just a few. Incidentally, physics seems to run in the family of the Yogeshwars. The twin brother of the well-known moderator is also a doctor of physics. Ranga Yogeshwar also devotes himself to his great passion in his free time: he has his own observatory in his garden.