What font is used in these numbers


Quotation marks

French quotation marks should be used on sachsen.de in order to e.g. B. to identify "proper names", "quotations", "phrases" or "terms". They fit best in body text. For the second quotation instance, »single› French ‹quotation marks« should be used. The tips of the characters point inwards (common in Germany).

Windows key combination:
»« With [ALT] +0187 and [ALT] +0171
›‹ With [ALT] +0155 and [ALT] +0139

»« With & raquo; and & laquo;
›‹ With & rsaquo; and & lsaquo;

Dashes and dashes

Hyphens (minus signs, divis) are required most often. They separate (or connect) words and word compounds.
Dashes separate parts of sentences (with spaces before and after) and indicate periods of time (e.g. 10 am–8pm, without spaces). Spaces are used in the meaning of »against« (e.g. handball game Dresden - Leipzig).

Windows key combination:
- with Alt + 0150

- with -

Digits and numbers

Numbers (e.g. values, weights and measurements) with more than four places before the decimal point should be visually structured by spaces (groups of three, starting from the back). It makes sense to use non-breaking spaces so that the number of line ends is not separated.
Commas may not be used to separate groups of three, as they are also required to represent fractional numbers. If only whole numbers appear in a text, periods can also be used for the structure.

Phone number set

Whenever possible, phone numbers should only be given in conjunction with contact blocks. The information on the telephone and fax number set is context-related.