Smart water is healthier

Who needs a smart drinking cup?

Imagine a drinking cup that costs 99 US dollars and that not only measures the calorie content of a drink and its amount, but can also display it on the smartphone. Incredible? Useless? Yes, maybe, it really does exist: the Vessyl cup is such a drinking mystery. It is the result of a development process by the US designer team "Mark One".

To satisfy my curiosity, I'll make the comparison. What is the difference between this drinking vessel and my favorite cup (photo), which ekes out its existence in my domestic kitchen cupboard and is waiting for its next use? The mug is intelligent. He analyzes what has been drunk. And not just the amount, my cup can do that too. If you believe the manufacturer, with the Vessyl the sensors in the cup wall record the sugar, protein, fat and caffeine content of beverages, analyze them, calculate the calories and monitor the fluid balance. That’s sure to be fun! The 2.0 generation drinking vessel is not only waiting for freaks, it also provides casual and unhealthy drinkers with the measurements they can use to change their drinking behavior. Marketing experts have also found a name for such values: “Pryme”. An LED bar should indicate the “Pryme level” directly on the cup. Its content is also displayed: coffee, cola, water - flexible depending on the situation, no matter what. Sure, you might forget what was on the bottle label. Well there is the Vessyl. 375 milliliters is not much, but a start. He makes our life healthier. This is what a promotional video with young and sporty people promises. Aren't we all young, healthy and sporty?

Now comes the "but": Anyone who wants to storm the nearest kitchen supplier and buy the mug will be disappointed. To put the manufacturer's statements to the test, you have to wait. The mug will not be available for sale before 2015. My cup from the kitchen cupboard will have to last that long. She looks forward to her commitment and shows her true love by frugally enduring what I want to drink from her. You don't run out of breath after 60 minutes either, in other words 'the power' because the battery is empty. She doesn't have one. I don't have to wash them by hand either, because otherwise the sensor system suffers. It doesn't get any more expensive the longer I have to wait for you, but the Vessyl is said to cost $ 199 later. And the best thing about my cup: it doesn't interfere knowingly when it's supposed to be a beer. Without them everything is stupid. Bottom up!

Another note for those willing to buy: the website allows a so-called “pre-order” for 99 US dollars. The credit card will of course be charged immediately. The beginning of 2015 is given as the earliest dispatch time. What happens to the 99 dollars when not enough buyers can be found and the young company comes to an end, everyone has to answer for themselves. You save 100 dollars for this, because after the market launch the drinking cup will cost 199 dollars plus 18 dollars shipping. Well ...

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