What does deregistering your signature mean

De-registration of an existing main residence or "secondary residence"

General information

Anyone who gives up (moves out) accommodation in an apartment in Austria is obliged to deregister at the registration office. You can unsubscribe from each registration authority respectively.


Adult lodgers


If a new main residence is registered, the authority responsible for the new main residence can de-register or change the old residence at the same time as registering the new one. In this case, you do not need to deregister yourself.

who the statutory reporting requirement not metin particular because registration or deregistration is omitted or carried out even though no accommodation has been taken or the accommodation has not been given up, an administrative offense is committed, which is punishable by a fine of up to 726 euros (in the event of repetition up to 2,180 euros).

Online de-registration (→ BMI) with a citizen card

Since April 2016, people of legal age have also had the option of deregistering from an apartment online using the citizen card function in the central register of residents (ZMR).
After identification by means of a citizen card (in every variant, including mobile phone signature), all current residences from the ZMR are displayed. After selecting the place of residence to be de-registered (multiple selection possible), the de-registration information is displayed again and can be signed using the citizen card function. A current confirmation is then displayed and offered for download.


Within three days before to three days after moving out

Competent authority

The registration authority


you can personally,by post or online with the citizen card Log off (e.g. mobile phone signature). You can also unsubscribe through a messenger be delivered. Cancellations by fax or e-mail are currently not required by law.

Minors must be deregistered by the caregiver or guardian, mentally handicapped persons within the scope of an adult representative, if these persons are not available, from the accommodation provider.

You need this for personal or postal deregistration Registration formwhich is used by the registration authorities to enter the registration data in the register of residents. The form can be downloaded, is available at the registration office and is available in some tobacconists.

A separate registration form must be filled out for each person to be de-registered. The signature of the accommodation provider is not required when deregistering.

You will receive a written confirmation of the cancellation.

Required documents

Official photo ID (proof of identity)

In case you are not personally de-register, your original documents or a certified copy and a completed registration form must be sent or given to the messenger. If you deregister your place of residence by post, please consider the risk of the post, which Not is borne by the authority.


There are no fees or costs.

Legal bases

Sections 2, 4, 4a, 7, 12 and 22 Registration Act (MeldeG)

Expert information

There is no expert information available.

To the form

Authentication and signature


A complaint can be lodged with the respective regional administrative court against a decision from the registration authority. This is inside four weeks to be submitted to the authority that issued the decision.

Help and problem solving services

There are no help and problem-solving services.

For better understanding and easier readability in this text, the form chosen for both genders applies to all personal designations.

Last updated: February 1, 2021

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